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Hopefully, moving house, to a bungalow (if we can get it at the right price!) just received the proof of details for our house sale…I’d buy it myself if we didn’t already live here!Fingers crossed someone else will too! bungalow we’re after has been on the market for a long time so just a waiting game now! we’ve veiwed it 3 times, we also found the next door neighbour is an old friend and colleague of hubby!

Alison x

Good luck with the move Alison. I am starting to look for something more sensible for my future, I fancy a bungalow but my OH thinks we should go for a 2 storey and adapt at will. We currently have a very small terraced bouse with no real possibility of adaption. I am not particularly looking forward to moving away from here tho’ as despite its drawbacks (like the stairs trying to kill me!) I love my little house!!
Clare xxx


I am currently nearing the exhange of contracts stage and getting completion dates arranged on my house move back to the Wirral. This has been a long, long, long ‘project’. I started the presentation of the house move October last year. It is tough out there and I wish you the best of luck.

Take care,

(House) Marty

Not too sure where this will appear! Well done Marty, on the move, hope it all goes well, it is tough but for some reason I do feel quite positive - more than when I’ve sold before, we will only be moving for this particular bungalow, so should it be sold prior we will take this off the market. As the bungalow has been for sale so long and there has not beeen any interest (beyond a couple of viewings in almost 2 years and 3 agents) we are reasonably hopeful it will stay that way! I can see the negatives no street lights, no pub, no shop, oil fired C/H and an almost vertical garden, so maybe it will carry on putting people of! we can only hope so, doesn’t sound much like an ideal does it? lol, but it could (will if I have my way) be fantasic, just needs some vision!

Alison x

Hi Andy, had 1st viewing yesterday, cash buyers, chain free who want to move fast - fingers crossed! I don’t think we could be that lucky! We have friends in Australia who really want us to visit them but have to say I’m not sure I could manage the flight just at the moment, I am very excited actually over excited! been researching different heating options and costs, bit of a pain that they have reduced the solar options, had visions of panels at the top of this verical south facing garden…never mind, it’s not a deal breaker!..and it’s not our bungalow…yet! lol

Hope you are able to sell your propert ASAP. Fingers crossed.

Happy Christmas.

luv POllx

Good luck with your house sale and move. Cheryl:)