moving house update......not ms

Exchanged contracts yesterday, moving Fri 13th…at last!, thought it was never going to happen, can’t wait, got someone in to clean the cooker at the moment, solicitor coming out with last of the paperwork later, everything pretty much packed up (having thought we were exchanging a month ago!) can’t wait, at least we haven’t missed any good weather for the building work and windows that need doing!

Alison x

Wow, I bet you’re really excited now.I hope the building works go ok, good luck in your new home.

Happy moving date

Im for sale, fingers crossed we have had a positive viewing today.

Bet your so excited, I would be too.

best wishes



That is great news Alison, it’s really good to hear that things are going the right way for you.




Yippee! Well done. Mine was a nightmare even putting the monies through on Completion with those pillocks at the banks and solictors.

Good luck to you and I hope it is more stress free than what I went through.

Take care,


Thank you everyone, been a bit busy since Wednesday, with different things but at least during all the sorting out I have found the number of the fitter who did the kitchen here, just have to hope he’s not moved (he was very good and very reasonable rates!) our buyer came back last night to do a bit of measuring, they are very relieved and have come to the same conclusion as us i.e. their solicitor is rubbish and nearly lost them this house and us the bungalow! but all water under the bridge now! Because it’s taken so long we are actually due some cash back from our solicitor, due to the mortgage outstanding now being non existent… onward and upward!

Alison x

Good luck in your new home, Alison. Hope you soon settle and get it feeling like home.

luv Pollx

Hi poll, I’m already settled, in my head! May have felt like it wasn’t happening but I knew it was ‘ours’ the day we went to look at it, even picked out the spot for the Cristmas tree! fact I think hubby said ‘we can even have a bigger tree’ (vaulted ceiling)…I do love the Christmas tree, lol!

Alison x