moving house update......not ms

I posted a while back (beg Dec.)that we were hoping to move house, not expecting a flood of interst at that time of year and ready to wait a while, we are only selling for one specific bungalow… we had an offer yesterday from a couple who put theirs on the market to buy this house specifically and have sold theirs in a week, no chain, no chain involved in the bungalow either! I did say that I felt positive about selling (just a feeling) wish us luck with our offer being accepted and of course the structural engineers report, would hate that to say there is something drastically wrong with the bungalow!..finding it a bit difficult to type with crossed fingers!

Alison x

Thanks Val, we do know that they are v.serious, they are going to look at the secondary school on Monday,(one off to residential college,one at home) and it is quite a journey for them! Hoping that as the bungalow has been on the mkt 4 years a reminder that another years council tax will be due might give them a nudge in the right direction (pricewise) we aren’t miles away… I don’t think, they are at the moment paying quite a bit for an empty house.

Alison x

Fingers crossed for you Alison that it all goes ahead without any hitches. Hope you’ll be very happy in your new home.

Janet x

Oooh exciting I really hope it all goes well. We are buying and selling just now, it is sooo stressful isn’t it!

Fingers crossed! x

Hi amylou, most stressful bit is the tidying up before viewings! but hubby is very good at that…shan’t be letting him forget that I KNOW he can do it now! lol

Alison x

Thanks Janet, just waiting for phone calls now…I do hate the waiting!

Alison x

Well, seems we are not far away at all and tomorrow should wrap this up, we have an offer chain has bewen checked, they turned down our first offer as expected (brother and sister, executor a solicitor) brother keen, solicitor keen, sister holding out for a bit more, won’t be that much more and still on target! so bit more waiting, then if it goes ahead our buyers can move fast and we can too (well not so much me, but you know what I mean!)

alison x

Looks like we will be on the move soon! our offer was accepted on the bungalow this morning I was surprised it’s substantially lower than we thought we’d get it for, just waiting now to see if our buyers can up their offer slightly but if they can’t, so be it Sometimes it’s more about the position they are in than hanging on for more money - so hopefully we all win!

The sister (seller) has stipulated that she doesn’t want a ‘sold’ sign on the board in case the get any more viewings( and offer of more money) think that is unlikely after 4 years and no other interest, but still need fingers crossed!

Alison x