Moving to a bungalow, changing address

Hi to everyone, we have finally got a bungalow, hubby is busy getting all the decorating done before we move in, sad to have to leave our house of 24 years, but can’t manage the stairs very well now, so bungalow here we come.

I was wondering if you have to change your address on this site, I have looked all over but I can’t find anything, any ideas???



Don’t think so as when you joined you never gave your address in the first place. Good luck in your new home, I hope you will be very happy in it.

Janet x

I moved into a bungalow in September and I can’t imagine how I managed in my house. It’s tiny so everything is only 10 steps away which is brilliant.

I hope you will be very happy in yours.


Hi, I think you only need to change address if you are a member of MSS and get MS Matters and membership stuff through the post. If that’s the case I assume there’s a contact email address in MS Matters.

I moved a couple of years ago to a flat in sheltered. Best thing I ever did. I did however find the move totally exhausting and actually took a few months to recover! My advice is to delegate, delegate, delegate. Really pace yourself carefully and don’t worry about getting it all done at once. For some strange reason I seemed to be on a mission to have everything in place and settled within a few days. Bad decision! Wish I had taken my time and rested more.

Congrats on the bungalow. Yes sad to leave your house after so many years but I bet you’ll love the bungalow.

Pat x


I have been in a bungalow for the last 16 years, and whilst it was sad to move from our house, it was the best thing we ever done (especially for me).

Hope you enjoy your new home.


Hello Kim,

This is just a quick note, to wish you health, wealth & happiness in your new bungalow. Don’t forget to crack open a bottle of champagne in the threshold!

Best wishes,


Congrats on the new place. PatB has offered good sound advice.

Enjoy but don`t rush it, eh?

luv POllx (a fellow bungalow dweller)