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Hi everyone,we are putting the house on the market today,and we have been getting it prepared for them taking photos…ive already had enough just doing this,im worn out…so now im thinking can i really go through with it,as its only the start, there will be people viewing(if were lucky)we have to view bungalows we like,it all seems too much to even think about… we would like a bungalow .but there arent that many about to be honest,i have seen a few that are out of the price range… omg im in such a muddle HELP lol…

J x

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Hi J

We are in the middle of this ourselves. I have coped by just taking one thing at a time.

Getting the house ready for the photos was the worst, I cleaned and cleaned like there was no tomorrow and wiped myself out.

Then it was just a case of keeping on top of things for viewing. We were very fortunate that we only took a fortnight to sell and had 3 viewings.

Its the on going part that has stressed me out. We have had a bit of a hitch but hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

I am not looking forward to the packing either. We won’t have to look for any houses as we bought a flat in a new development and it will be ready around April next year.

We really wanted a bungalow but they go for way over the asking price here, (Aberdeen), so it was more cost effective to do what we have done.

I am just taking things from day to day just now and if you can delegate, do it.

If you need any moral support you can pm me.

Its not easy but it has to be done.

Take care.

Mags xx

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Hi Mags,i have worn myself out too with getting it prepared for the photos,its gleaming like a showhouse,i think when we see the photos we will change our mind about moving,lol… i dont dislike my house i am very fond of it,i hate the street we live on its very snobby and full of awful people who think they are above everyone…i moved here 18 years ago when i lost my husband…but i really need a downstairs bedroom and bathroom…but i am not prepared to let it go for for less than its valued,either,people want you to give your house away,well i wont lol…we have seen a nice bungalow buts a semi detached and mines detached,my partner is worried its a semi,as we have both had trouble in the past with noisy neighbours…oh here i go again having doubts…they are coming at 3pm to take the photos… so will have another think lol,im my own worse enemy i really am…good luck with your move hope it all goes well.

J x

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Hi Mags & J

We’ve decided to go down the other route, I.e. getting our current house adapted for me. All sorts of financial reasons, but the main reasons are that we have fantastic neighbours, loads of friends locally, all my medical support is in place here, and we love the dear old place. Lived here since 1983. So it’s an Edwardian semi and a swine for a wheelchair user, but it’ll be worth spending money on it rather than on a move.

mind you, it’s almost as daunting as moving. We’re trying to clear out the relevant rooms, and weighing up when I might have to go into respite care through the worst of it. I had an anxiety dream about it all last night.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for each other.

Kev x

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Hi Mrs J, moving with MS is very hard… but there are things you can do to make it easier. I moved into my flat four and half years ago and I’m waiting to move again to be closer to my mother and sister.

A few things I learnt from last time:

Delegate as much as you possibly can. Ask family to do particular jobs. Make a list of what needs doing and then a note of who is doing what.

Don’t do what I did and try to get the new house organised in first few days (boy did I regret that!). Expect to live with boxes around for a while… it’s not the end of the world. Just do what you can and no more. Again get other people to unpack if at all possible.

Make a list of the many phone calls you have to make (gas, electric, phone, benefits etc etc etc) and make one phone call a day. When done, tick it off and make another one next day.

Get an exercise book to keep all your lists in. Your ‘Moving Book’.

Don’t rely on your memory… so in the book make a note of what you are told on the phone… eg… ‘phone line should be on by the 12th’.

In terms of looking for new house, could your husband go and look first? That way he could decide if a particular house is a possibility… and you wouldn’t have the hassle of seeing houses that are no good.

I hope some of the above helps… oh one other things, all the big moving companies offer a packing service. Yes it adds to the cost but it is SO worth it. At least worth enquiring about when you book the moving van.

Best of luck… and remember… delegate! delegate! delegate!

Pat xx

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Hi mrs j,

I’m in the same position too!

photos done, waiting for some viewers now. I do so hate it all the tension and upheaval etc!

it totally frazzles me!

we went to look at a house yesterday…payback time today…been in bed all day!

Pat has the right idea…delegate, delegate, delagate.

fingers crossed we all get sorted as soon as possible.

nina x

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thanks Pat.Kev and Nina, well thats the photo session done lol…he was a lovely bloke really down to earth too…my type of person lol…

so it will go on the market in a few days or so…im worn out now…andys just put stuff back to normal,so its more like our home now…lived in… my little grandaughters toys have once again taken over…lol…

fingers crossed for all of us

J x

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Good luck to all of you planning on moving. I had my house on the market last year but my buyers pulled a really nasty stunt by dropping their offer by a further 25k (I’d already accepted their offer which was 10k under the asking price) as they thought I was desperate and we were doing a house swap. This was at the last minute after I’d paid solicitors etc and was waiting for a removal date, so they said I had two days to accept before they took their house of the market. Cheeky beggars couldn’t really afford my house but thought I was desperate as I’m disabled, so I’ve adapted my home to suit me.

Now my daughter wants to put it on the market again so we can buy a log cabin in the woods which is lovely and the house would suit me better being on one level but I’m concerned about the lack of nearby amenities as it’s down a farm track but it’s gorgeous, so peaceful so who knows, maybe I’ll be joining you in moving. Though I don’t relish the process and I’m staying to enjoy this house for at least a year after I’ve survived all the mess and disruption involved in having renovations done. Jen can wait until I’m ready to consider it.

Good luck to you

Cath x

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Hi Everyone who is moving,

The only thing I forgot to do when we moved 12 years ago was change our address on our tv licence.

We had a detector van outside our door within two weeks of moving in. Thankfully I knew exactly where our licence was and was able to prove we had one but still got a ticking off for not changing my address. I think the lady was a bit miffed that I had one. Lol!

Bright and Sunny here in Aberdeen.

Mags xx

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Hi Mags,its a really nice sunny day here in leeds,there is that autumn chill in the air though,even though the suns shining,but its so nice,i prefer it to the height of summer…having to rest a lot today after the last few days of cleaning and preparing the house to sell…wondering what the h*** i am doing lol…oh well,will go with the flow for now…

J x

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To all the “movers” I have my fingers crossed for you, and hope that it all goes smoothly for all.

Pam x

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lol Thanks Pam, fingers crossed,

Cath… i remember that happening to you, what a dirty trick,there is no way i will fall for a trick like that, i wont give my house away,even if it means i cant sell it,im not that desperate to sell and if the worse came to the worst, i could use one of the downstairs rooms for a bedroom and have a downstairs bathroom put in…i must admit im scared as i sold a house years ago and i had lived there 13 years,and when i shut the door behind me and went to the new house, i said to my poor late husband ’ i want to go home’ and i never settled we were only in it a year and my husband died, so i sold it the year after,and moved to this one and settled straight away and ive been here for 18 years,my 21 year old daughter,said shes a bit sad i have put it up for sale…funny how we hold on to things…i wish i could think its only bricks and mortar,but i have always been a home bird lol…

J x

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