We are thinking of having Solar Power Panels put on the roof. We have got a chap coming out tonight to give us a quote.Does anyone have any information that might be helpful ?


Nope! but we are thinking of having some at the top of what will soon be our steep ( as high as the ridge of the roof) garden! ) S facing garden but roof slopes a different way, be interested as to what they say, we definitely want a water heating system, no room for ground source system… just waiting to exchange contracts, so can’t get anybody out just yet, but there is no gas in village and I’m not keen on LPG or oil, wood burner is already chosen, just in case we have power cuts there like we do here! There are threads on money saving expert that might help you decide.

Alison x


Hi be interested to see what you are told, as hubby has talked about this. his advice is not to sign up tonight, but to digest and calculate any savings you should make. it isn`t FREE electricity as the adverts make you think.

Please let us know tomorrow, yeh?

luv Pollx

We have had 16 solar-panels fitted on our roof - on the southwest side. My OH spent nearly a year before making up his mind to ‘go for it’. So we just managed to get them done before the 31st March. What made him decide to do it was the poor interest rate for our savings. lt is still a novelty to him - and he keeps looking at the invertor meter to see how much power we are generating. Even to-day in pouring rain and sleet the meter was flashing. You get paid for all the electric you generate - and electric you use during the daytime is what is free. This means l have to learn not to put the dish-washer/washing machine/tumble dryer and even my scooter charger on at night - try to make use of them during daylight hours.Tonight - after dinner l have left all the plates and pots in the sink and will load the dishwasher in the morning-lnstead of loading it and setting it off when l go to bed. We are looking into getting a couple of storage heaters - and time them so they store the electric during the day and let the heat out in the evening. Because they are on the side of the house they are not obtrusive - either from the front or the back. Our friends who live in a ‘listed’ barn conversion can not have them on their roof because of planning restrictions. We already have a wood-burning stove - and access to free wood. This means that this winter we have hardly used the gas central heating - apart from heating the water.

All we need to do now is get the divining rods out and try to find a new water supply. When we first moved into this house the water was from a well - with lead pipes. We had to dig out a trench and get mains water in. The well is in the nextdoors garden - which is why we decided to change it. 30yrs ago water was not such an expensive commodity.

All the surface water off our drive and roof and outbuildings is piped down the garden into the ‘duck pond’. This is a saving on the water bill.

The company who we got our solar panels from is SuperSeal - l think they are based in Scotland.


You should definitely factor in the fact that prices for the panels themselves are falling dramatically now that demand has shot up allowing economies in production, and may continue to fall further for a while. I am sure I read somewhere that the panels have halved in price over the last two years - imagine if that happens again over the next couple of years!