new boiler needed

Hi All how you all doing, bungalow getting sorted bit by bit boiler not to good takes for ever to warm up the water by the time its warm you have washed hands in cold water need to get that sorted next when we have the penny;s. Weather here not to bad had some sunny days daughter gave me 6 solar light for my birthday have them in the garden there are only staying on for a little while think we need a bit more sun they are pretty when alight changing colour.

My next scans due 2nd march l will be on the 9th course of chemo tablets march l do hope l am doing ok my moods are all over the place may be the ms or the tumour just want to get better.

Well all take care hope the snow keeps away and you keep warm. Regards Jan xxxx


Hi Jan, hope your scan goes ok in march,and its what you want to hear.

I love solar garden lights i have lots they really brighten the garden up,in summer,shame they don’t work much in the winter too.Its really cold today here but really sunny,cant wait for the spring to start,properly.

J x



would you qualify for a replacement boiler under the Energy Companies Obligation Scheme. It’s worth looking to see.

all the best



Hi Jan, lovely to see you on here as always.

I had solar lights in my last flat with balcony. Yes they last much longer in summer. Really pretty.

Best of luck with the scan in March. Hope you get a good results. I’m not surprised your moods are all over the place. Only natural. Probably a combo of MS and tumour.

Thinking of you hon and wishing you well. Good luck with the boiler. None of the sockets in my new kitchen are working. Hopefully they’ll get sorted this week. Neil’s idea sounds good.

Love Pat xx

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Hello Jan, I’ll be thinking of you in March I hope it goes well.

We’ve got lights outside they aren’t the solar ones, they are some that Lee connected to the electricity and we have a lovely water feature that lights up blue , it is beautiful at night. On Saturday Lee lit a fire and we sat out but it was sooo cold even with the fire, so i ended up going inside, but it will be nice when it gets warmer.

Michelle x

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Hi Jan. Good luck for the scan, fingers crossed it’ll be positive news. I got a new boiler under the government scheme and so did someone else I know who isn’t disabled or on benefits but pensioners. I got mine through British gas as they came to repair my old one and it was so old they couldn’t get parts for it.

That’s a link I found for you but if you put free boiler scheme into your browser you’ll see a few options. Don’t know if you qualify but looking into it is worth a try.

Cath x

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Good luck for the scan Jan, fingers crossed that the news is good,

sending you hugs,

Nina x

Hi Jan, Look into the the boiler grant scheme. I know people who have benefited from it but don’t know what the criteria is.

Fingers crossed for your scan.

Mags xx

Hi Jan it sounds like you have a combi boiler giving direct hot water like ours there can be a bit of a technique to getting hot water in a reasonable time turn on the tap full got about three seconds then turn it down to around half flow just an idea

It helps with ours witch is only three year old .

One of the qualifying benefits for getting a free boiler is Income related ESA. Can anyone explain the difference between Income related ESA and Contribution based ESA?

Jan x

Hello. Jan.

I get contribution related ESA because I’m in the support group but I earn a pension which makes my overall income too high for income-based ESA.

Cheers, Steve x

Thanks Steve fortunately I am in the same position as you.

Surely as I have an income (pension) my ESA should be called Income based to reflect this. Leaving Contribution based to those who don’t have any income but have paid contributions either through employment or earning national insurance contribution by receiving other benefits.

Sorry can I blame cognitive issues or am I simply being pedantic.

Apologies also to jan139 for hijacking your thread.

Jan x

Hi All many thanks for your tips l am looking into it to try to get new boiler grant scheme it is a combi and we have tired turning it on fast and then slow still very warm water l did find out it is over 10 years old l want to go on to a water meater but not while we have to run so much water to get it warm. we have had snow here just a little more to come they say l for one will be staying in.

Scan went ok l hope have to wait till the 17th to see the dr, take care all regards Jan xx

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Hi Jan

Fingers crossed for the dr appointment, and hope that you qualify for help with a new boiler.

Couple of snow flurries here, but not settled, thank good ness.

Pam x

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