21 ruunds cancer treatment

hi all happy new year Weeks in hospital for treatment came home 21 dec fell of stand twister legs no good don’t no if it the ms or treatment can noy get in or out of car standing is a no go to bladder is playing me up too. got nurse coming thu mayb she can help

l am so feed up waiting for mri scan to see if tummers have goon down oh l hope so

l had to get a new soup maker wore the last one out looking for a gill now with removable trays for washing.

garden looking a mess.

take car all regards jan xxx

Hi Jan,

I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rotten time! I really hope you can soon get an MRI and I’m praying its good news for you !

Soup makers are brilliant aren’t they? I’d so hate to be without mine. Try not to worry yourself about the garden, they all look a mess in the winter!

Haven’t seen a grill with removable trays but my husband lines our with tin foil, makes it so much easier to clean!

Take good care of yourself and please let us all know when you have more news, in the meantime I’ve got all extremities firmly crossed for you!

Nina xx


Jan I hope everything is ok for you and you get your scan very soon.You must be so fed up of waiting.Let us know how it goes please we are all rooting for you.Wishing you all the best.

J x

Hi Jan, oh I am sorry that things haven’t been good for you. Really praying that your MRI is good news. I have first mammogram at end of April since cancer op (last May). I think it will be ok but will have to wait and see.

As Nina says, don’t worry about garden. If anyone doesn’t like it maybe they can roll up their sleeves and tidy it up!

Did the nurse help at all with bladder?

Lots of love Jan. Thinking of you. Wish I was closer so I could pop over and make us a cup of tea… and a packet of chocolate biscuits!

Pat xx

I hope your MS nurse was of some help and I really hope you’re feeling a little better soon.

Sonia x

Hello Jan I’m sorry I’m late replying I just wanted to send my love and lots of positive thoughts. Love from Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Jan

Sorry to be late, but wanted you to know you are in my thoughts.

Pam x

hi all many thanks for you replays they dod help when l feel down witch has been a lot. regards jan


tablet l use main computer its in dinning room read replays on tablet but cannot log on on it does any one no y dont get to dinning room often regards jan xxxx

Hi all damp cold here hubby got me a new rise fall chair hoping it will help with puffy legs as l can sit with them up now have to save for under counter freezer as old one given up it was a old one we had in garage. still cannot work tablet to send take care all regards jan xx messages

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hi all back at hospital mon some swelling tummer mayb will let you no regards jan

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Good luck Jan,

Will be thinking of you,

love and hugs,

Nina x

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Hope you are ok Jan


J x

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Hi Jan, sending you loads of love. Thinking of you darling.

Pat xx

treatment not going well l go back in hospital 17th April lto hav tummer removed again 3th time lucky l hope had to find a gardener l cannot do it any more its not big just the weeds hubby back bad he had 4 discs fussed together l worry l l make it worse him pulling me up to my twister, ot working on leg

l do hope we are going on ok has any one tips for getting in out of car we had to get taxi to dr as they wood not come to give me my b12 £12 each way to mins from us

looks like rain we just got bedding in washer.

take care all regards Jan xx

Hi Jan,

I cant believe that your doctor made you go to the surgery for you B12,it’s a disgrace, at the very least they could have sent a district nurse. My husband has B12 at the surgery but I have flu jabs, blood tests etc at home, one of the district nurses come, mostly they are really lovely and so kind…of course there’s the odd grumpy one now and again but even that’s better than struggling to the surgery!

I really hope next time they will be more considerate!

Thinking of you and sending big hugs,

Nina x

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HI all well back l go again in to hospital on monday tumour has grown back again really worried this time hdw many times can they operate in my brain l am trying to be strong for everyone it just getting harder each time,

well all tack care be good hopefully love to all jan be back soon.

Hi Jan,

It must be so very scary for you…I wish you all the luck in the world.

I will be thinking of you on Monday, sending huge hugs,

Love Nina x

hi all well last tuesdays op went ok or should l say l am here eeling ok 25 stapes in head taken out today love jan

Hi Jan, I’m so sorry I didn’t see your post above and had no idea you were back in surgery.

25 staples… oh sweetie you are certainly being put through the mill. Hang on in there. Thinking of you and praying for you darling.

Like Nina, I wish you all the luck in the world.

Much love,

Pat xx