Hi everyone, been a long time since I posted. Its been a tough 6 months but I know we all have them! The reason for my post is camping. As a family this is something we’ve done for years and we’ve got a large tent which quite simply I am no longer capable of effecting. I have seen these vango airbeam tents that you just layout and inflate. Ad we’ve always had vango tents its a brand I would like to stick with, but here is the catch. An 8 man tent which is really what you need for a family of four for a week is £800 everywhere, its like the price is being fixed. A normal tent of the same size and brand is on average half the price! Can I get help to pay the difference to enable us to continue our family holidays?


You really grabbed my attention with your second post,and on carrying out a quick glance at your first post,vango caught my eye,and then 'The Big V ’ popped into my head. Any road up, I salute you for wanting to keep up your erecting,but can only suggest an application to the MS Society for funding. Actually,why don’t you contact Vango,as you would make a good advert for them,and they might like the idea and ‘lend’ you a tent.

Good luck, Wb

Lol, yeah couldn’t work out how to edit the post, sure it used to be easy. I have tried vango, all they said was sorry we can’t help. Cheers though, will have to try the society. Pete.


Your 2nd post got my attention too, maybe you should have put it as the title

Found this link maybe there might be something there that can help.

We love to go camping but my hubby and son put the tent up while I sit and laugh sorry I mean encourage them!!