So the 10th September - d day!

Well Monday next week (10th September) I see the consultant for the results of my lumbar puncture, cervical MRI, VEP and SSEP and blood tests. So this time next week will be confirmation of diagnosis!!! Am I scared - yeah a bit but not as much as I thought I would be. I’m anxious - finally find out what’s going on and then get the ball rolling in terms of treatment. I’m still waiting for my PET scan and then will see the consultant again after that - that’s the test results I’m worried about! That’s when they are checking for cancer given some of my abnormal results and symptoms - given my history (my mum died 3 years ago from skin cancer) I know what my mum went through and I just don’t know if I can go through all that! So does ms scare me - yeah- but does cancer scare me more - HELL YEAH!

Roll on 10th Sept! I do hope you get some answers, I just think that when you know what’s your dealing with, that’s half the battle over. I know what you mean about cancer, lost both my parents to it, my mum being only 46 when she died. She had a secondary brain tumour, and when I started getting bad headaches and numb bits I was scared to death. I might have MS, but I do not have cancer, know which Id rather have! Even my hubbie said, MS we can deal with, and lots of new drugs out there! Sure every day seems like a week or even a year, but it will come round, what ever the Dx it will be the start of a new chapter in your life, and you can close the old, not knowing one behind you. Got everything crossed. Take care.

Thanks so much for the reply greatly appreciated. Indeed knowing what’s going on is a relief in a way because then you can start treating it and dealing with it

Will keep everything crossed for you Karina.

I lost my grandad to cancer and Marc (my partner) has lost his uncle, mum and now his aunt who was thought to be in remission but isn’t.

I agree MS isn’t great but it’s very unlikely to kill you so it’s definitely the more preferable.

Hopefully you will get some answers on the 10th at least.

I know the wait must seem like ages but take each day at a time. You’ll get through this. Even if finding out whats wrong is scary at least you know what you have to fight to get better or improve your symptoms.

Let us know how you get on with the neuro.

Keeping you in my thoughts.



Hi hun, it will be good that you can put a name to what`s going on…ie MS.

Not so for cancer tho`. I truly hope that one comes back negative.

I used to go to a hospice for alternative therapies and respite. I saw many folk lose their fight with cancer.

And I used to say, I`ve ONLY got a nuerological condition.

Thinking of you on Monday.

much luv, Pollx

Thanks everyone much love to you all xx