Im so frightened

Hi im just so so scared:-( iv just been diagnoised with ms after having an mri of brain and spine. I have mulitple lesions on brain and couple on my spine, they wanted to do an LP but when i was young i remember my mum having this procedure so i refused. I have been poorly since NOV11pins and needles in feet tingling in hands, then JAN12 i started with blurry vision and aching legs and since 9FEB i havnt been able to go into work:-( tired dizzy,rib pain tightness in feet legs I can say that it did all start with pins and needles around the time my mum died in Nov 10 but the feeling lasted no longer than 2 weeks, i was very close to my mum who had severe rheumatoid artheritis and i was her carer for around 12 years dr said at that time it was stress related. I have just come home from a 3 day stay in hospital where i was given a course of metylprednisolne please excuse spelling it seems to hav helped my eyes a little but everything else seems to be the same. I see the neruo in 6 weeks time im awaiting the MS to get in contact. Im so so frightened this has taken me over and im not the same person, i would run around everywhere help everyone i could do 2 zumba classes, walking the dog etc,but i now hav only been outside to hospital or dr visits on which i hav to be taken to. I seem to hav lost my independance and relying on my other half which isnt fair. I know i need to fight but when you feel so poorly its so hard. Sorry to be so depressive and long winded Im so scared life meant to begin at 40 cheryl xxxx

Hi Cheryl18,

It takes a while to take it all in, you will grieve, shout, rant and rave which is quite normal. Even though you have been dx with MS it really isn’t the end of your life it’s the beginning of a new one. You will adapt yourself to all the problems that you will experience and be strong enough to cope.

I am sorry to hear about your mum, I’m sure that you must still be grieving for her which has not helped you at all.

We are all here for you and I’m sure lots of others will add to this post.

Don’t give up or give in, you will come to terms with it.

Sending you (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))

Janet x

Hi Cheryl, and welcome to the site

It’s no wonder you’re feeling scared - this is a heck of a thing to be suddenly faced with out of the blue!

Were you diagnosed as having relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) - the kind of MS where people have attacks and then things improve? I would assume so given that those pins & needles in 2010 only lasted two weeks?

If you were told RRMS, then try and hold onto the fact that relapses do go into remission eventually! So although your current symptoms are pretty overwhelming, you will almost certainly reach a point where things start to improve and then, one day, you will wake up and realise that, actually, you feel much better! No one can tell you when that will happen (days, weeks or months), but with any luck the steroids will help to make it sooner rather than later.

Steroids stay in our systems for many weeks and sometimes work quite slowly, so don’t be too concerned that you haven’t seen amazing results yet. Unfortunately, they don’t always work, but your body will still be fighting back too so don’t lose hope!

Take it one day at a time for now. And please believe this old hand at MS - yes, MS sucks and yes, it means that life is going to be different than we imagined it was going to be, but it is not the end of the world; life can still be really good.

Karen x

Oh Cheryl, I do feel for you.

Getting a diagnosis of something as big as MS is bound to scare anyone silly.

You need time to let it all sink in.

Many of the folk on here have had MS for many years and cope one way or another.

You need to get in touch with your MS nurse…it can take a while for them to contact you, so it`s okay to make the first move.

Perhaps you could do with an assessment from an OT. These folk are remarkable. I`ve had them many times, to my home. They come up with all sorts of ideas to make your life easier and safer in the home.

If walking is difficult, perhaps using a stick or walker would help.

You say it isnt fair to rely on your partner...well wouldnt they do the same for you?

There is a life to be lived well, with MS. It just takes some sorting out.


luv Pollx