new and scared

hi everyone , i have been looking at this board for a while now , and im trying to be brave .
i got diagnosed with ms in march this year .
this has been a rotten year so far for me .
went to gp in dec about my back problems you know …sore back and sciatica …
seen neuro in jan , mri in feb a week before my wedding got diagnosed wirh ms 4 weeks later. shock of my life !!
got the relapse from hell 6 weeks later and by week 8 in may i ended up in hospital .
numb from waist down no movement in legs and dropped foot .
stayed in hospital for 10 weeks . im home now
im using a wheelchair , everyday im doing exercices and im getting a physio at home to exercice my legs and dropped foot.
i just turned 41 and im soo scared of my future .
i do not have any family in this country and i miss them dearly , they know i got ms but i havent told them how scared i am .
sorry about the long post but i have to get it out of my system before i explode
thanks for reading this tina x.