D day :(

Hi there well my results are in lp,emg,bloods ect after 18 months the day has arrived on saturday im of to see the neuro hopefully to get my dx one way or the other im not sure how i feel ? Confused maybe frightend a little apprehensive yes , all these things going around in my head what if nothing comes back what happens then ? if it is ms how will i feel at the final dx when saw the dr about my esa he said thats what it sounds like I spent a week in a daze depressed ,sad , caused arguments with my loved ones untill it came to a head and i cried and cried then took hold of myself and said the only person who can help you is you !!! gave myself a good talking to and here i am. Please if anyone else is at this point or been there please give me some much needed words of wisdom as I think im in control im clearly not xxxx

Hello tizzie and welcome to the family.

Your not going mad your stressed the process is frightening and a long time getting a DX.It is not going to be easy.

Many of have shed many many tears you are not alone with this.We get angry at others but mostly at ourselves.I to have done these things.

Have you had an MRI scan yet?

Have you had an lumbar punture?

We are here to support you and others like you,we have all been through this at many points in our lives.If you want a good old moan please do we will read and comment.

Dont be afraid to ask about medications if you are having problems,do not suffer anything in silence.We can all advise you what to ask and what meds you will maybe able to have.What aides and help is available to you,you do not need a DX to get help.


Either way, come Saturday, there will probably be tears. Tears of relief that you finally have an answer. Tears of frustration that you don’t. Also either way, tears of fear at what the future may hold.

It is OK to cry.

I think we all do, at some time or another.

It only becomes a problem if we can’t find a way out. Before that happens, get some help. Speak to your GP about counselling and meds if necessary.

If it is MS, then you will come to learn that it is OK. It’s sure not what we would have chosen for ourselves, but there are far worse things. Life with MS can still be good. It is not the end of the world.

You’ll be OK.

Karen x

Think Charlie and Karen have said it all, just wanted to say good luck and hope you get the answers you need


me too…good luck on sat…we are all thinking of you…x

Wishing you the best of luck on Saturday. I really hope you get some answers xx

Good luck and you know where to come for your cyber army hug…whatever the outcome.


Good luck. You’ve had some good advice off the others. Either way we’re here to support you whatever the outcome.



Thank you all for your kind support will post the out come xxxxx