A bit of a cry

Feeling a bit emotional today. Had my MRI in December which showed lesions typical of MS including peri ventricular and brainstem. Was sent LP and VEP appointment for the 12 March. Before this (on the 8th) had a follow up with Neuro who said would get ball rolling by referring me to MS clinic and I would get my results there. So 12 days later ie today I rang up the secretary who said they had just typed the referral letter. So it’s going to be at least another two weeks before I get my results. Feeling very frustrated and a bit sorry for myself. I (like many) feel exhausted with it all. Sorry - rant over. Feeling alone but safe in the knowledge that at least I can relate to people on this forum. PS the Neuro said that even if the the LP and VEP results were positive I would need another MRI to show further deterioration for a diagnosis. Really? Sheesh - it’s never ending!

Big hugs coming your way, it is never ending and they wont just diagnose. I am still in Limbo land but I am pleased your almost there, I had to chase for my results which they hadnt even looked at I dont think, apparently I was not any any systems for letter to be sent out so the receptionist said they would chase her up.

I think your in a good place, things are nearly there then you can draw a line under it and know exactly. Love and peace.

Thanks Tom. Have been following your story (not a stalker - honest) with admiration at your inner strength and good humour. I really hope you get the answers you need very soon x

It’s painfully slow at times :frowning:

You never know, the MS specialist may not be so rigid with the rules. They do tend to be a bit more flexible than non-specialist neuros.

Hang in there!


Karen x

My first stalker YAY!!! Thank you, I have days were I feel I could break down, the other day i fell at the top of the stairs down a few, sat there cried then laughed and just mumbbled to myself oh well at least im young enough not to break things. Each day is different and I follow people stories to (im not a stalker but you do have lovely curtains )

One thing my counilor said to me as a responce to my out look of someone is always worse off then I am so I cant moan…she said, what I have been through and am going through is not normall for someone my age, its not normall at any age. and although there is always someone worse off than you, its you that are going through this and it must be frustrating and hard.

I completely got it, I am bad maybe not as bad to others but I am and I need to look after myself.

My attitude is simple on this, “Its not what you do that make you who you are, its how you do it” So wear a smile for me today and youll change someone elses day too.

Hi Popsy, theres nowt wrong wi `aving a weep love. it can actually makes us feel better…according to the boffins!

The road to diagnosis is certainly a bumpy one for most.

be good to yourself.

luv Pollx

Ha ha - hanging in there! Thanks folks you brought a smile to my face ( or is that manic hysteria? No, no definitely a smile :slight_smile: x. )