So sick of waiting

Well entering my 6 mth now , most of the relapse has passed still left with leg,arm pain but not too bad, Had all the tests head,spine MRI evok potential tests, LP seen 3 neuros etc…etc Now work won’t let me come back occupational health want a DX so they know what there dealing with,told me to chase GP &neuro which I did and get told there awaiting some of the results. So I’m still stuck at home sick pay about To run out and still waiting Sorry just need a rant as the house is empty at the mo Thanks Gray

Hi Gray, it`s hard going just waiting, innit?

have you actually been off work for 6 months, or is this how long you`ve been in a relapse?

I think it wouldnt hurt to ring neuros sec to see what`s what.

have you got DLA? I got it without a definite diagnosis.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll Was in relapse for about 5 mths, still getting pains in my right leg and left arm but think I may be left with this. Have been pretty much back to normal the last month, but occupational health won’t let me return until I have a DX, spoke to neuro secretary this week and she said still awaiting some results and I have to wait So annoyed been in the job 22 years wanna be back earning while I can& to get my sanity back Gray x

Hi again. But what if you dont get a diagnosis?

It is a possiblity. There are folk here who have had neuro problems for a long time and have no diagnosis.

luv Pollx

Can occy health do that? What are thers grouns for demanding a diagnosis. Sorry you’re still waiting though I thought you were going to get a diagnosis a while ago Axx

Poll Exactly I may never get a DX and if I do I’m the same person doing the job with or with out. Arwen They said the DX would confirm what they are dealing with, what difference it would make to them god knows. My current sick note runs to 10 oct and then I’m going to push it, get my GP to give me a fit for work note and tell OH to send me for a medical. If they won’t let me back then surly they’ll have to pay me. Re the DX thought I was going to get it , then neuro sent me for more tests Thanks Gray

Hi Gray

Hang on in there buddy. The waiting stinks and at times you feel like banging your head against a wall, but remember, in a strange way time can help heal things a little. Remember back to when you had your first symptons and think about how things (physically) might) have improved. I was pretty much unable to move the right side of my torso when mine struck and now things are 80% back to how they were. Not brilliant, but almost everyday I see tiny improvement. My leg is stiff now and pains alot but it is bearable, oh yes and my eye plays up too.

I seem to be in the opposite situation when it comes to work. I only was out sick for a week when my symptons things struck and I went numb and painful. My workmate, who i confided in, thankfully took over key areas of my job and I have pretty much without management knowing, (I work out of the office/ from home) spent the last couple of months taking it easy, with only popping into the office once in a while to look busy/ healthy.

The downside for me is that I can’t tell my employer about my situation as I am fraid that I might end up in a simillar situation as yourself and be put out on the sick on statatuory pay. I will probably tell them, but only when I have a confirmed DX and (if when I return to taking my role on again full time), I can’t cope. My colleague was diagnosed with chrohns two years ago and was pretty much hounded out of his position and eventually sacked after three months sick!!

For me, I see my first neurologist in two weeks time. Since the 14th August, when I was told by a stroke specialist that it looks like (not proven in any way) MS due to MRI (spine and brain lesions). I have had one telephone call appointment with my doctor who said that I was being referred and he doesn’t know what else to do. I have had no help whatsoever. My colleague at work has been out with stress for four months and he has seen numerous doctors, counsellors and even has a specialist team who visit him once a week. How things are different between us.

Anyway chin up, it will soon be christmas.

I would think then if gp signs you back and they say no then they have to pay full pay. How frustrating to think you were getting dx then not. Why can’t their just be a simple blood test for this Axx

Thanks guys Bad enough waiting to find out if I have this bloody disease, Let alone work stopping me get back to normal Cheers Gray

Gray, I’m with the others. If you’re doctor signed you fit for work they can’t really refuse. They’d have to find you a suitable desk job on reduced hours till you saw occy health and then they’d have to make a decision Hope you get sorted soon though Mick

Thanks guys That’s what I thought if GP says fit then they either allow me back or full pay me to stay home ( although would rather go back as mentally feel I would be winning a battle against this illness ) Thanks once again this forum is a lifeline for me Gray