So......... probable DX

Hello, Saw Audiological scientist this afternoon for Vestibular testing. Had loads of different tests, he was certain after first test something very wrong, so ened up doing a Vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP) which have a positive result. He is 99% sure I have something called Perilymph Fistula which is basicalyl a hole some where in the labirynth which means the cerebal fluid is slooshing around causing the dizziness and balance problems. Next step is a special type of MRi to locate the hole and then most likely surgery. The other symptoms such as weakness and pins and needles are most likely to do with my brain trying to compensate for the condition. He also thinks i do have Migriane Aura as well. We discussed stress as my neuro had written to him anyway siggesting stress but he said if I am certain that stress wasn’t the trigger for all this then that’s good enough for him. I loved this guy! Whilst i’m not keen on the surgery which will either be via the ear or Cranium, I am really pleased he has come up with very likely diagnosis and there is light at the end of the tunnel. So nice to have a specialist who clearly loves his job, was so kind and informative and hasn’t written me off as stressed

Sorry you got DX but good news to get DX Think that makes sense, you know what I mean lol Good luck Gray xxx

Wow, rotten luck on the surgery but what a relief on so many other ways! You must feel immense relief to know what’s going on, even with MS dx I was relieved that I wasn’t losing the plot completely!!!

Did he say you’re likely to get properly back to normal with surgery?

Good luck and keep us posted

Sonia x

Well done on getting a dx, even if it does mean surgery. I hope everything goes well :wink:

Hooray to have found out what is wrong and have a nice doctor A

Am so glad you had a good appt. I hope all goes well xxxx

Yeh, this guy does sound both interested and able to pinpoint what`s causing your problems.

An op is never pleasant, but if it sorts what`s wrong, then grin and bear it, eh?

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Yes Pol i agree. i#m desperate to feel normal again so whatever it takes I will do. Seen mixed reveiwes on the success of the op, but hey nothing ventured, nothing gained! Thanks for your support everyone x