So here I am again!

Hello all, some of you will remember me from last year, a long boring story but was finally (or so i thought) diagnosed with a vestibular condition that i would be having surgery for. Well having seen another specaist neulogist in london and had further tests, it seems that diagnosis is now in doubt again and we are back on the MS path once more!! Hugely frustrated, I was given a definate vestibular disorder diagnosis by 2 medical professionals only to be told that it’s doubtful as i have these other (MS) type symptoms. I suppose the good thing to come out of it is that I havre been fast tracked to a Professor in Neurolgy at Imprerial College London and am seeing him this week. lets just hope this isn’t just another fruitless round of tests and contradictory diagnosis, why oh why is it so difficult to get some kind of definate diagnosis!!! I think the only test i haven’t had so far is an LP, i’m considering insisting on one. I know Lp won’t always give a definate result, but has to be worth a try!! Sorry to moam, it’s just i really thought I was on the road to treatment and a cure xxxxxx

Very frustrating for you, but what a good thing that they started asking more questions BEFORE you went under the knife! There have been so many stories on here about people who have had surgery for things that turned out to have been MS all along. I hope that you make progress soon - at least if they do decide that it is the vestibular condition after all, you will be able to go for the surgery with extra confidence.

Good luck.


Hello Bunnythecat…lovely screen name

Good luck with seeing the professor, hope he can sort things out for you.

I personally wouldn’t ask for a LP…you may just complicate things further. Wait and see what the prof says.

Take care

Hi Bunny,

I cant believe you are still running around clueless. At least you are being seen. I went for a private appointment, told my NHS neuro and guesswhat he discharged me from his clinic. I also cant believe that noone has offered you a lumbar puncture

Who are you seeing at Imperial. I feel I need to be seen by a top guy before I go mad.

Moyna xxx