DX day?

Seeing specialist this morning, not for DX of Ms but a rae vestibular condition that will need surgery, via my brain! However he has said he definately thinks this isn;t my only problem and has been going back over myprevious brain and spine scans which he now says he wants to discuss with me. I had Ct scan to identify the vestibular disorder last week and get those results today but i’m worried he is going to re-refer me to my awful previous neuro as well. So scared that the vestibular scan won’t show anything and i’ll be back to square one. Whilst I really don’t want the awful operation I think i’ll go into melt down if they still can’t find the answers!!! Maybe I am just going mad after all The “MS” type symptoms are still going strong and i’m getting weaker and more confused. Soooo tired of all this now, feel like I just can’t keep going, i’m physically and emotionally exhausted and how ever much I try not to let it, this “thing” is taking control. If I do have the vestibular condition and have the op there is no guarantee of much improvement because of the other symptoms that may not be connected to that. Aaarrrggghhh!! How did I go from a strong, capeable woman to this weak and feeble person. Hate it all so much!!! xxx

Sending you bigs hugs and hoping for a positive outcome today. I know what you mean about looking back at your previous self and wondering what happened :frowning:

keep going, and thinking of you. I hope today gives you the answers you need. We will all be here when you get back.


Hi Bunny, I could have written your posts myself. I am so fed up with all the uncertainty and docs just sitting on the fence waiting to see what happens next. I have felt so much better after the last two b12 injections and want them more frequently. Will they give them to me … No. Have offered steroids though which I don’t want… Prefer to try b12 first. I have had 4 courses of the steroids and felt worse during and after them. Let us know how you get on. MOYNA xxx

Thanks guys x The support on here is so special, keeps most of us sane I think x

Thinking of you xx

You will be in my thoughts today, Noreen xxx