Hello, further to earlier post. Seen ENT specialist this morning. Well… my CT scan is the most unusual he has seen in his career apparantly. It has been confirmed that I have Superior Canal Dehesience on both sides. Takes ages to explain what it is but basically leaking of brain fliud and pockets of air that shouldn’t be there in my inner most ear canals. He has never seen it on both sides before, he was so excited!! Now being referred to a specialist surgeon in London for surgery. Also, they confirmed ny Degenerative Disc disease has reached my neck and some vertebre pressing on nerves which is causing numbness and pins and needles and some of the dizzyness. Feel really strange, huge relief that I have an absolute diagnosis mixed with fear about the treatment. Been crying my eyes out for some reason, guess it’s just the build up of anxiety and emotion coming out. I feels good to understand why I feel this ill. He was astonished that I have been managing to function and get myself to work. He recommends i don’t work for now but I don’t really have achoice. But at least I will feel less worried about not working on the days when I am at my worst, I have a proven diagnosis and reason. Thanks for all your support guys, its been invaluable xx

Hi Bunny,

Really pleased for you having a firm diagnosis that you can now deal with. I am sorry to hear though about all of your symptoms and discomfort. I know someone here has coined the phrase ‘commisulations’.

I hope once the tears have dried, you will begin to feel better with your dx and able to start moving forward and getting appropriate treatment

((Hugs)) PG xx

Hi Bunny, bless you! Wishing you all the best for your upcoming treatment and a swift recovery! lifts hand my funny brain came up with that phrase :wink:

Hi Bunny

Crying is a perfectly normal response. Relief that you now know what you are facing and can see light at the end of the tunnel. You are now a celeb in the consultant’s eyes although it may be the sort of fame none of us wants. Any idea how long you will have to wait to see the London specialist? I echo the commisulations. Take care and give yourself permission for whatever takes your fancy - choccy, wine or even both you have had quite a day.

Hi dinks and everyone, Thankyou. Should get seen by the specialist in London within a couple of weeks as BUPA are covering. Don’t really want surgery before xmas, but I imagine timings will work out to be new year anyway. Feeling better now for a good cry, have accepted whats happening and feel much stronger. Have just fallen over and hurt my already bad back, but hey, in the scheme of things its not so bad a price to pay. This time next year I hopt to have found the real me again Thanks for your best wishes everyone xx

Yay to having a dx even if it does mean surgery. I often cry when hard things are almost over as though it’s a build up of the emotions I’ve bottled up Axx

Hi Bunny I totally understand exactly how you are feeling. I,m really pleased that you now have some answers to your problems, and wish you all the best with your journey towards a full recovery. Xxx

So happy you finally got the answers you deserved. Thinking about you in your road to recovery. Best of wishes

Tsuki xx

will be thinking of you. xx

all the best. xx

channelgirl. x

so glad u know whats wrong and wishing you well with ops