Just got turned down for PIP, joke

Oh no! I can only imagine how low you are feeling.

Are you going to appeal? I`ve seen posts here about the need for appeal. And that appeals most often bring about a change of decision.

You will need to gather more information from neuros, gp, whoever you can to support your appeal.

Where you on DLA?


Join as soon as you can - and get them to assist in sorting this out. They know exactly what you need to do - and how to fill in the forms.

Yes will appeal. Have seen the points system on the benefitsandwork site. How I did not get it I do not know. To think the assessor claimed to be a nurse formerly on a neuro ward. No wonder ATOS have bad name

If you’re on Facebook, there’s also a really good group called Fightback. They help a lot of people with advice and appeals. Best of luck hun.


when did you receive the letter. You can call the DWP and ask for an explanation. If not happy then register for a reconsideration.

you must do this before appealing. If you are sending more evidence in then tell them on the call.


Thanks Paul, I forgot that we need to ask for a reconsideration, before we apeal


all good advice, but you must ring them quick (28 days)& let them know you want a mandatory reconsideration!!! then send them a stern letter voicing your complaint, with Dr’s letters & anything els you think may help!

it is very stressful, & it certainly knocked me back, (bastards) the one that did the interigation, yeh! it knocked me back, you must do the mandatory thing before you can apeal, mine did get sorted, without turning into Mr totaly pissed off!! althou i did let go in my letter, sorry for bad spelling!! (NOT)

good luck julien,


I have been through the whole PIP routine…, applied, mandatory reconsideration and tribunal. I won at tribunal last week, all I can say is call for MR and then if still refused get an SSC1 form from the courts online and write an appeal, then get as much medical evidence as humanly possible. Then the courts will send the appeal to the DWP and they gave 28 days to reply the the appeal. They (DWP) also look at the claim again before they reply to the courts and you. Then if they still refuse it goes to tribunal, you can either have it decided on papers or tick the box to say you want to appear in person. My advice is always go along in person, more appeals succeed when the claimant is present. The tribunal consists of three people, judge, doctor and disabled representative. It’s not fun but not as bad as you think it’s going to be and you can always get a representative to help you.

My advice is use your anger to fight them rather than just be mad at them!

Mr Wobbly

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Yeh…Mr Wobbly has first hand experience and Im so glad you won in the end. Mustve wiped you out mentally and physically…the swines!


True but worth the fight!

solid sounding advice, I feel forewarned thanks