Refused PIP - onto appeal...

I applied for PIP in Aug 21… Waited until the end of Dec to be told I only scored 6 points daily living and 4 mobility. Applied for mandatory reconsideration and found out today (9 weeks later and lots of waiting for the postman) they awarded me 1 more point, taking me to 7. I need 8 for the basic rate, so I still don’t qualify…
I think I am going to appeal, but it all feels a lot of hassle for something I feel I am entitled to. Why is all this so difficult? I spoke to the MS Society benefit advice line today who have given me some advice, but I am basically left feeling disappointed and a bit dejected :pensive: I wonder how the DWP would feel if they lived with a long term condition that changed the way you live.

Hi Joey, oh love, I am sorry you are going through this.

When I went from DLA to PIP, I worried myself silly. I had a home assessment and the woman was ok but gave nothing away.

Others I knew who were going through it, and those who had been refused, said how badly they were treated. Blatant lies were told by DWP…assessments didnt come back how claimants felt they should.

Tips I was given are ;
dont expect assessors to be interested in actual diagnosis…but how it affected you in day to day activities

if you use any equipment, explain how it helps

if you need the help of another person, explain this

NEVER say every day is bad day if it isnt…they see through this

send as much written medical evidence as possible

The good news…appeals often go the claimants way!!! Go for it!


Thank you so much! I applied online yesterday and am seeing my GP on Fri who will hopefully be able to write some medical opinions which might help. The DWP told me they didn’t want such things as it’s about how the condition affects me in my words, but then I find out that such a thing might have helped! Anyway, we wait now in the hope that someone will see sense! It’s stressfull when it shouldn’t be. Thank you for your advice :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Hi Joey,

I was also refused PIP. I had previously been in receipt of DLA, so assumed id be ok… WRONG. I requested a reconsideration, again refused. So i went ahead with an appeal, i was very anxious about it all, i had a phonecall to discuss with an independent one Sunday and the decision was over turned. Benefits were back dated.
I used an online appeal form, if you need anything that i can help with - i’ll try.
Ill try to remember the website…it was a .gov or something.

Hope it helps to hear decisions can be overturned.

Good luck
Ceri x

I had to do it three times… I actually think they changed the rules for MS as it is so random and fluctuating… check… good luck xx

Thank you. The DWP have until Sunday to respond to my additional evidence, so I checked my appeal online today. It said they’ve responded to the court and that the DWP will be writing to me. No letter as yet so more waiting! I’m guessing I’ll be going to a hearing. The thought definitely makes me feel very anxious which ironically is something the DWP refuses to accept I suffer from because I’m not under a mental health team. I’ve managed it myself for decades!