PIP Decision

I Received decision yesterday (after 8 months) it read. "I’ve decided you;re not entitled to Personal Independence Payment “Unfortunately you don’t meet the criteria for Personal Independence Payment.” This makes me so so angry as when I went for the Atos Assessment I was honest and told the lady how my disabilities affected me. She agreed with me about a lot of what I said. I felt, that she understood, she even commented on a relative with similar problems. I have had one pretty miserable day and I have gone from feeling hopeless to feeling frustrated by the whole thing. I have decided to appeal this decision as I feel they have not allowed for the fluctuating condition the fatique it causes and all the other invisible things that no one feels but you. Its not all black and white. I not only have ms I have systemic granulomatous inflammation, bilateral uveitus, arthritis (hands and feet) bulging discs L4 and 5 also asthma.


Hi Izarm Sorry to here you haven’t been successful after all the wait. Give the DWP a call and ask them to send you out Atos report this should give you more details of what was reported at your assessment. I’ve heard from others applying,things in their report being missed out or inaccurate to what they have said. Once you review it it’s means you can prepare for a reconsideration. good luck, don’t give up! Polly x

Hi Polly,

Thanks for your kind thoughts and advice. I will try phoning DWP as you said. I suppose it would help just to see what was written.

Izzy x

I thought the report was the reason I didn’t get enough points but atos was not the reason it was dwp after I read my atos report the nurse suggested I be awarded it but dwp said no but got it on reconsideration. Good luck.

Completely agree with Polly in asking for a copy of the report, as there’s normally a limit on how long you have to ask for a ‘reconsideration’ (not sure with PIP, but for DLA it was about 30 days).

Once you have the report you can see why they’ve turned you down. If you feel that the report was inaccurate, or goes against the criteria for PIP (sorry, I’m on DLA so not 100% on it), you can put your evidence together and ask for a reconsideration.

Please don’t give up Izarm. When I first applied for DLA I was refused, and on reconsideration I was awarded HRM (high rate mobility) and LRC (low rate care). When I renewed last year I would have accepted the same award, but they ignored written evidence from a specialist which really P’d me off to the extent that I went to a Tribunal.

The benefitsandwork site is very good for information on how to appeal a decision (costs about £20 a year).

If you need a hand let me know. :slight_smile:

challange it jump up and down and chuck all toys out of the pram they try this hoping you will give up. DONT get back to them for another assesment. Makes me so angry they try this on I COULD SWEAR. X Don

Definitely appeal but get someone to help you. Contact Citizens advice also as mentioned by Auntimogs.

Good luck x

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. Not had a chance to do anything at all today with this. Working all day and knackered. Will need to get my thinking cap on and get to work on this soon. Was going to give up as I cant be bothered with the stress of it all, but no I need to challange this.

Wlll update any info soon as I can. Thanks again, good to know there is support when you need it

Izzy xx