so far so good (not MS)

Afternoon playmates! Had a call at 10pm last night. Sis in law has had the brain tumour removed and it has been sent off for full analysis. Cancer has been mentioned and the few remaining cells need radiotherapy to zap them.

As regards the lung tumour, well nothing`s been said about that. I think they are trying to discover whether the brain tumour caused the lung one, or the other way round.

The brain tumour caused loss of vision in one eye and it has immediately returned.

Cynthia recovered well from the op quite quickly.

As I said, so far so good, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi, Poll good news fingers crossed she makes a full recovery. Karen xxx

Keeping everything crossed Poll



Fingers crossed hon. 

Pat x

Fingers crossed for her Poll. Hope she recovers.

Teresa xx