she`s home (not MS)

Hi all. Well innit marvelous! My sis in law, in Canada, is home from hospital already! She had a brain tumour removed on Saturday. She was discharged yesterday!

She is facing a gruelling round of radiotherapy to kill off the few remaining cells. She doesn`t know what the plan of treatment is for the lung tumour yet.

I received an e mail, with a piccy of her sat up in bed, drinking some juice through a straw. Bless her, eh?

luv Pollx

Hello Poll,

The very best of luck to your sister in law. She will have to be strong to fight all of this. Best of luck,


Me again. Just spoke to Cynth on the phone. She sounds champion (Yorkshire word). She said the hospital staff were brill. Now she is facing chemo.

Bless her, eh?

luv Pollx

Hope everything goes well and she has good recovery.

Pat xxx

Hi Poll

Hope everything works out well for all of you.

Pam x