eee, lord above!

Good afternoon my lovlies.

Some of you may remember me telling you about my sis-in-law in Canada.

She had a brain and a lung tumour which were successfully operated on last year and she was told she was free of cancer. She had operations to remove the tumours and chemo and radiotherapy.

Well, sorry to say, the cancer came back a few months ago, but now it is untreatable. She has 6 brain tumours and 2 lung ones. We`ve just been sent some photos of the poor lass…oh my word! My hubby and I are a so sad to see how she looks…like a little old woman, in fact very like her mum…at 80…she is 61. Bless her heart.

But you know what, she was smiling on the photos. We also had a phonecall from her on Christmas Day. She sounded just like her mum.

Dont think she has long…oh …just oh…

luv Pollx

Sad news. Certainly puts thing in perspective. Good thoughts to you Xx

Such sad news Polly. I understand how you feel - lost my Dad to the big C before he even had the chance to plan his retirement. May I wish her a calm and tranquil pain free time in the bossom of her family. It is at times like this we need our nearest and dearest to lean on.

Oh Poll I remember you posting before about her before. So sorry to read the latest. God bless x

Such sadness for you and your family Poll…bless your poor sister-in-law

I will remember you all in my prayers.

Noreen xxx

So terribly sad to read your post Poll. I hope sis-in-law has a peaceful end… So pleased you spoke to her on Xmas day…treasure that. My thoughts are with you all. Linda xx

so sad for you poll

prayers to your sister in law.

carole x

So sorry to hear your sad new. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care. xx

So sorry to hear your sad news. Thinking of you at this difficult time. xx

Oh Poll. How sad for you all and how heartbreaking for you sis in law after only being told last year that she is cancer free after all the treatment the poor lady went through. I am so sorry Poll.

Really lovely that you spoke with her on Christmas Day. Kinda puts things into perpective doesn’t it?

I will be thinking of you all.

Shazzie xx

so,so sorry polly,you must be devestated,really is sad news,poor woman,we have a lot to be thankful for,and when i hear of things like this,it puts it all into perspective.


J x

ta lots.


Oh Poll I am sorry to read your sad news about sis in law, but glad you managed to speak on Christmas day, those will be memories to treasure.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Pam x

Sorry to hear of your bad news Poll. I can remember you mentioned about your sister-in-law. I wish you all the luck in the world for your time ahead.

Love from,


So sorry to hear this news Poll. Pleased you were able to speak with her at Christmas. Thinking of you lots. xxxxxx

Aw Poll that’s so sad. I’m so sorry for you & your family. I think it just reinforces to me that every day is precious to all of us. HUGE hugs Jane xxxxxxx

So sorry to hear this Poll :frowning:


Sonia x