bad news not MS

Morning friends.

Had some sad news today. My hubby`s sister (in Canada) has brain cancer and possibly lung cancer too. Thing is she was diagnosed with vertigo a year ago. And in a modern country where they have private healthcare, eh?

Waiting for further news now.

luv Pollx

So sorry to hear that Polly, thats awful news my heart goes out to you and other family members my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died from it 6 years ago so I really sympathise and understand slightly what you must be going through.

Take care and hope things work out for the best xxx

I still find it quite bizarre that anyone would wish for ms, but yeah…I see the context.

Sad news Poll.

Pat xx


jaki xx

Really sad Poll, (((((((((((hugs))))))))))), thinking of you all.


Hi Poll

Sorry to hear this very sad news.

Thinking of you and your family

((((((((Hugs)))))) Mary.

That’s terrible Poll :frowning:


Karen x

I am so sorry to hear of your very sad news. I hope the modern healthcare system can help ease any pain and treat him giving some hope.

How very sad and your sister must be at her wits end feeling ill herself too. I know youll give them lots of support via communication.

take care,



Hi Poll, sorry to hear your awful news, sending love and hugs. Karen xx

Hi Poll,

So sorry to hear of your sad news (((((HUGS))))



Hi Poll,

Sorry to hear this very sad news about yur sister in law. You are all going through hell again. Sending you all our love to G and yourself.

Must be really hard when you are so far away.


luv Cindy x

Sorry to hear your news Poll,being so far away must make it even worse for you all.

Thinking of you


Thank you everyone for your kind words. We still dont know anymore news. I did try to ring Craig last night. They are 5 hours behind, so I had to wake myself up to ring. He mustve still been at the hospital. My hubby won`t ring …too upset.

luv Pollx