Something to look forward to at last :-(

Hi everyone hope your all as well as can be. My MS has been bad now since November with one thing or another numbness, sensonary issues etc etc the list is endless but I wont bore you with the details. I’ve had a lot on this last few weeks and dont think it has helped my MS at all lost 2 friends under 50 plus my daughter lost one of her best friends age 18 and then my sister was admitted to hospital with a tumor on one of her kidneys :frowning: It’s been emotional I can tell you. Hopefully my sister will be operated on to remove both the tumor and kidney on Tuesday next week fingers/toes & everything else crossed I’m praying it all goes well & that nothing else is found. I’ve been trying to support so many yet haven’t had much support back in terms of emotional support - well that all changes tommorow morning when my hubby finally comes home on leave boy am I looking forward to seeing him :slight_smile: it’s been too long. Hope everyone’s had a pleasant evening Sue x

Got my face the wrong way round on my topic post dho

((((((( big hugs))))))))) Enjoy x


You’ve had so much to deal with lately. So glad you have hubby coming home to you.

Have some fun and some much needed support.

Anne x

Thanks xx

Sister finally had her op last Tuesday, just awaiting results from biopsy now to see if any further treatment is needed, hoping this is the end of it for her & no further treatment is needed, It’s been such a worrying time for us all. It’s been great having hubby at home to support me through such a difficult time, shame he has to leave Saturday I was just getting used to the extra help at home. . Roll on end of June when he’s home again :slight_smile:

Hope your sister is OK Sue and that you enjoy your time with hubby! Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa she’s out of the woods now thank goodness going to be a long recovery for her but she’s made of strong stuff and she thinks I’m the strong one. Any strength these days would be good for me but hey ho just trying my best is good enough for me. Sue xx

You just keep going don’t you Sue - taking it day-by-day! That is strength in itself! you’re doing really well - keep at it. Teresa xx

Xxxxx and enjoy your hubby’s cuddles !! They’re the best ones.

Big (((((HUGS))))) from me, but you’ll enjoy hubby’s better. Take care and look after yourself. Janet x


I am new to this but have had MS for 25years.

first diagnosed as I worked in theatre hospital. Not many symptoms ,fatigue mostly.

for the last3months I have been having difficulty with mobility and balance. Have gone through 7falls stick, walker ,rollator

to now using a chair . Really scary!

trying to do some exercises but finding it hard.

Hello Joyce

Welcome to the forum. A club none of us want to belong to but sadly we qualify!

To have gone through such a rapid change must have been horrible. My own progression from stick - crutch - crutches - rollator - wheelchair was a more gentle journey. Although saying that, many changes happened quite quickly; most recently, I went from 90% wheelchair, 10%ish walking (with rollator and FES) to 100% wheelchair following a fall (broke my femur).

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