so confused!

Hi Everyone, I am so confused that I do not know what to think. I went to see my gp just under a week ago and she told me that my LP results were in and it showed I had matching oligoclonal bands in csf and serum. I have today received a letter from her to say that she has spoken to my neuros secretary and that the secretary said the oligoclonal band results are still not back and basically the jargon I was told appears on all lumbar puncture reports and is not specific to my personal results. What the hell is going on? I dont know whether im coming or going. Can anybody help or make any sense of this. I am fed up with being fobbed off all the time. I had to wait almost 19 weeks for my mri results. Sorry for the ranting. Lisa x

Hi Jelly Legs,

Without seeing the letter, I am only guessing, but I assume the original “jargon” referred only to what they were testing FOR, and not the results of it (as your GP seems to have mistakenly thought).

Matching bands in blood and CSF would not, in any case, be indicative of MS, as they are looking for bands that appear in the CSF but NOT the blood serum. However, if the letter says clearly the results are not in, I think the only thing you can conclude is that the results are not in, and that whatever you were told before is hogwash.

Perhaps your GP is even subtly admitting that, when she tells you the so-called “results” you were told last week were not, in fact, your results, but the standard wording it always says.

Sorry, but without knowing exactly what your doctor has seen, and what she said to you about it, it’s impossible to speculate further.

I’m sure we could all have a guess, but the only way you’ll really get it straightened out is to ring the doctor, and query which version is right. I assume the letter, being both more recent, and more formal, is the more likely to be correct - i.e. the results aren’t in yet.



How ridiculous! If I were you, I would give the neuro’s secretary a call and confirm whether or not the results are in. Not sure I’d believe the GP’s got it right! Karen x

Hi Tina & Karen, Thank you both for your replys. I will ring neuros secretary and see what she says. Lisa x