LP results is it right?

Hi All, Does anybody know if the way in which the labs present the Lumbar Puncture results has recently changed. The reason I ask is having waited a month already for my oligoclonal band results neuro secretary said although she was waiting for a positive or negative on my report results that apparently they do not state positive or negative now. Im confused. It looks as if I am going to have to wait now until my neuro appointment to know whats going on. Any advice etc welcome and appreciated. Thanks Lisa x

Hi Lisa, That is strange, or maybe she just didn’t feel that she could tell you the results and wanted the neuro to explain it to you. It also depends exactly what she was looking for. Remember you spoke to the sec’ and she didn’t understand it herself. I think you may well be right and have to wait until you see your neuro. LP don’t always prove or disprove that you have ms. Wish you all the best. Janet X

If you get her to repeat exactly what it says on the report, we can tell you what it means (if you want of course!).

Karen x

Hi Ladies, Thank you both for your replys. I would love to tell you what the report says but apparently it is very long. I do not seem to get any of my tests results in writing. Should they send these out as normal practise or do I need to ask for them? Thanks again, Lisa x