LP results

Hi, I’m due to see my neuro next week but have received a letter today and wondered if anyone could shed any light on what it means: “This test did identify features that would suggest inflammation in the nerves which as you know is one of the explanations that we have been considering on the basis of your symptoms and examination findings. I will arrange to see you in clinic to go through these results in more detail and to discuss further management” I think he must have forgotten he’s seeing me on Wednesday! Does anyone know if this does mean MS or could it be other things? I know it’s not long but it’s still hard waiting! Many thanks for any help you can give. S x

Clear as mud! They think they’re making things nice and easy to understand and actually all they’re doing is being confusing! It does sound like the LP might have been positive, but I wouldn’t like to put a big bet on it. Karen x