Positive lumbar puncture

I’ve just received a letter from my consultant to say that my lumbar puncture was positive for oligoclonal bands and negative in the serum. The letter says that this result is often seen in MS. and therefore it seems quite possible that my symptoms are due to a mild form of MS.

So I’m guessing that I do have MS but the consultant will confirm it when I see him at the end of April. It’s kind of a relief that I’m being believed and hopefully now I’ll get some support etc.

Lynne x

Yep, a positive LP

It’s always good to know what’s causing the symptoms, but I’m sorry it’s turned out to be something that isn’t easily fixed

Karen x

Thanks Karen.

In some ways I’m glad I’ve got an answer after being told by another consultant at a different hospital that it wasn’t MS and to come back in 6 months when hopefully things would be better. It’s the fear of the unknown that’s worse. You know that something is wrong with your body and it’s getting someone to look hard enough to find out. After having two MRI’s last year which both showed high signal lesions and all the symptoms I’ve been having for 18 months, having a positive LP is like putting the full stop on it.

Now I know what I’m dealing with I can get on with it, (if that makes sense!).

Lynne x