lumbar puncture results

Hi everyone. First time posting and I was hoping someone could help shed some light on my results from my lumbar puncture, I have received today. The letter simply read CSF positive, serum positive same pattern - for oligobands. Does anyone know what this means ? do have MS?


They use the LP to diagnose a variety of illnesses and diseases. My CSF was positive for oligclonal bands and my neurologist told me it indicated that my immune system was responding to something in my body. I was not told at this point that I had MS, I have since had a second MRI and got my MS diagnosis on Monday just gone. So I would suggest from my personal experience that its not conclusive on its own. What kind of symptoms are you experiencing?

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This website is the most comprehensive yet understandable I have found on OCBs

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Thank you. Nikki, I have been suffering varies symptoms, numbness, unbalanced, tiredness, pain ect…and had an MRI scans, electric conductive tests (?) and a biopsy to rule out or to draw conclusion to a diagnosis. I think maybe the conclusion has been reached.

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All those things you describe are familiar, mine started off with exersion induced paraparesis in my right leg. Before diagnosis I also experienced falling, unbalanced, spasms, involuntary muscle movement, stabbing pains, sensation of wet legs etc. I could go on…I felt I knew long before my diagnosis. You sound fairly convinced, have your other tests shown anything?

My understanding is that as long as the samples (serum - i.e. blood, and CSF) match, whatever it is isn’t MS.

The hallmark of MS is bands in the CSF that are NOT matched in serum, which would indicate a disease process that is confined to the central nervous system.

I don’t think it’s necessarily sinister or uncommon to have “a few” o-bands (I’m not sure exactly how many is a few), as long as they appear in both serum and CSF.

So at the moment, no, this result is not indicative of MS - but it’s not absolute proof, as a small number of people with MS (about 15%, from memory) don’t have the classic LP result of o-bands in CSF that are absent in serum.


Anitra is right. Don’t worry too much now, wait until you see your consultant before scaring yourself with diagnosis that it may not be.

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Thank you everyone for your advice . I am due to see consultant on Thursday so I will let you all know how I get on. Thanks again :slight_smile: x

Seriously confused, hopefully you will be no longer!

Best of luck! x