Lumber puncture results

Hi everyone I have not been on here for a short while lol, I just got my lumber puncture results which came back clear they said oligoclonal bands were present in both the cerebrospinal fluid and serum and that with MS the typical finding for oligoclonal bands are to be present in the CSF fluid only, not sure what that means, so no new lesions on my second MRI which was six months after my first scan and eye evoked test was clear. So at present no Medication even though he’s saying MS is the likely diagnosis when I was told it was MS, I do understand I need to meet the diagnostic criteria, and have been told to keep up the vitD , all I can do is stay calm exericise and not stress, and Neurologist will see me in next few weeks, just wondering if anyone else went through this and just advice and thoughts really. X


Ologoclonal bands are found in the spinal fluid, but not in blood taken simultaneously in about 80 to 95% of people with MS.

So it’s a strong indication that what you have may not be MS.

If you’ve had no further lesions on MRI and your Evoked Potentials test was also clear, it could be that what you’ve had is a CIS or Clinically Isolated Syndrome. This may never be repeated, or later could have recurring relapses thus becoming MS.

Are you still experiencing symptoms? If not, maybe keep your next appointment with the neurologist, but expect that s/he will say it’s a ‘watch and wait’ situation. It’s entirely possible that you won’t actually have any more MS type symptoms.

I really hope that’s the case. And any residual symptoms may just gradually improve over time.


How r u doin been a while, the epsidoes that really stand out from the last 10 years are reduced vision 10 years ago that lasted 2 weeks, last years twitching that lasted on and off and beein dizzy and funny vision for 4 months which lasted from last nov till around march of this year. Thats all mostly cleared up just bits and bobs here and there now, what you said I what I was thinking but I thought with CIS It had to be just a one off event?, I know he will say its a watch and wait situation the Nruro, lol life ey. Appreciate ur advice x

I just had a look at your previous posts. In particular when you first saw your current neurologist, who you said is an MS specialist, he thought some of your symptoms did, and some didn’t seem like MS.

So while you’re absolutely right, CIS is usually a one off, the neurologist might only be judging your diagnosis on ‘clinically significant’, or officially recorded relapses.

The jury’s out essentially on what the neuro will say.


Yes really cant wait to hear what he says x