Oligoclonal Band Screen

Googled the header as wasn’t sure what this screen showed apart from normal or MS and discovered it also can show other problems if they exist and they are Neurosypilis, Encephalitis, Lyme and meningitis. Well, maybe with MRI they will get to bottom of problem

Dear Annlou. Didn’t want your post to go un-responded, although I may not be much help. I am new to MS and imagine from your post that you are undiagnosed but undergoing tests for various conditions? I can only advise that you be kind to yourself. Gather good friends and family around you and try not to google too much. And of course use this forum, it has proved very useful to me. Warmest thoughts Ali.

My understanding is that these pesky little o bands, when traced in the spinal fluid and not in the blood, are common in a number of different CNS disorders and are indicative of some kind of inflammation.

I believe the number of bands can be significant. Additionally I believe they disappear in other conditions but are permanent in ms. Over 90% of people with ms have these bands but I can find no information about how their presence (in isolation) is an indicator specifically of ms rather than Clinically Isolated Syndrome or one of the other conditions you mention.

My situation is one episode of symptoms and a single area of inflammation in the spinal cord. Further mri a few weeks later found that the original inflammation had been resolved and there were no lesions anywhere. The positive test for o bands has thrown a spanner in the works re my ‘low risk’ of ms progression. Unfortunately the significance of these little buggers in isolation is difficult to establish.

I’ve got an appointment with my neuro at the end of this month and I’ll be asking all about this.

I’ll update this post with any info I find.

Just to be clear - I’ve no expertise in this, just trying to research like mad and learn about my options.