Hi all. I am stressing out! Quick background: about 4 months ago I started to get a tingling sensation on the back of both hands which was much worse in the cold. Didn’t think much of it. Approx 2 weeks after that I had an episode of bilateral upper limb paralysis. This only lasted about 2 minutes and I was left with no residual weakness or effects. My husband convinced me to see the GP about it (I wasn’t going to bother). An MRI of the brain and cervical spine showed about 5 hyper intense foci in the cervical spinal cord. Had the absolute gamut of blood tests - all normal. Saw a neurologist who sent me for further MRI of the rest of the spine - all clear thankfully. More blood tests to rule out deficiencies - all good there too. She is cautious not to diagnose MS as I do not have any brain lesions. My question to her: “doesn’t it have to start somewhere?” So finally sent for the lumbar puncture and they have found elevated levels of Ig Albumin and O bands in the CSF as well as the blood. What does this mean? I have read that O bands in CSF and blood mean it is NOT MS. But clearly having these bands is not normal so what could it be? I won’t be talking to the neuro for a couple of days and I’m going crazy.


It’s very difficult for anyone on here to answer your questions because they’re really quite technical.

It’s true that generally, people with MS have O bands in their CSF but not in blood. But this is a general finding. You’ll really have to wait a bit longer and talk to the neurologist. They’ll have all the data, all your test results, your neurological exam and the experience to make a determination about what your results do and don’t mean.

It’s hell being in limbo, knowing there’s something wrong but not knowing what.

You have my sympathy, sorry I’m not of more use.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Neuro is none the wiser either. She said we can’t rule MS in or out with the results. They were useful in ruling out anything bacterial or viral. Having the O bands in the blood indicates a systemic response to something but she doesn’t think it’s related to the neural damage and is something different altogether - more tests I guess. So now it’s wait 6 months and get a repeat MRI to check for changes.

In which case, if your symptoms have cleared up with no problems, all you have to do is not worry about if for the next 6 months!! I mean try to not worry about it for 6 months. Or at least, try not to worry too much about it!