Lesions on spine and brain with symptoms but no oligoclonal bands.

Hello, been going through diagnosis since March now. Will see another Neuro in September. Have had the above MRI with positive lesions that suggest clinical MS but no oligoclonal in spinal fluid. MS nurse made suggestion that’s a “kinder version of Ms” anyone’s thoughts please?

I don’t know whether a lack of O bands means the MS will be gentler for you. I do hope so. I know that only between 80-95% of people with MS have O bands. But the idea that it’s a milder form is news to me. So I did a little bit of a search and found a couple of reports that negative O bands means a less severe MS.

Have a look at Multiple Sclerosis Research: No Oligoclonal bands in your CSF means that you do better

There are other reports, but they tend to be older. So might be outdated.

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I am in a similar boat, so to speak. My case is complicated as I have negative O-bands, but abnormal brain MRI and abnormal VER’s, my previous neuro wasn’t 100% sure that it is MS, so I am still in Limboland and currently seeing a MS specialist in London.

However, I did broach the subject of O-bands with the specialist and he told me that they have to piece all the symptoms together, like a balance sheet. There is no specific test for MS, and although, as Sue said, 80-95% of people have + O-bands, that leaves 5-20% that don’t - which could be as many as 1 in 5 people or as little as 5 in 100.

Whether or not it is “milder” I don’t know. There are arguments that suggest there is less brain atrophy, but I don’t know I am afraid.

Hope that helps a little.

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