Snow Day

Hi all, Am not venturing out as we’ve had a massive dumping of snow this morning and it would be very foolish of me! However, all my boys are off school/college today as these are all closed. They’ve been out and built a wonderful, fat snowman with a carrot nose and he is fantastic! My 8 yo is full of glee and excitement - I love it! Teresa xx

Ooooh lovely Teresa! We’ve got quite a covering and was watching the kids going home from junior school… SO excited!!!

I love it too even though I can’t go out… but got the new breadmaker on and lovely and cosy in here and all snowy outside. Magic!

Pat xx

I bet that bread’s lovely spread with a thick dollop of butter! Yum! Enjoy looking at the snow but stay warm and cosy inside! Teresa xx

Last night I was sitting looking out of the window, gently snowing, and saw a young fox playing in the snow. He (or she) was leaping around and then pushing his nose into the snow, obviously loving it. Eventually he walked up to the kerb… quite a busy road & I was scared he’d get hit… but he looked both ways and trotted safely across.

The freshly baked bread is delicious…

Pat xx

That reminds me of something that happened in my parents’ cul de sac. Frequently people walk past their house and end up having to retrace their steps as there isn’t a way out at the end.

A few years ago they looked out of the window and saw 2 foxes walking down the middle of the road, my Dad commented “they’ll be back in a minute when they find there’s no way out”

Sure enough the foxes didn’t want to trespass through the gardens at the end of the road and promptly turned round and casually walked back the way they’d come!

We often smile about it!

I was supposed to be meeting some friends from 6th Form (all in our late 40’s now)for lunch today but we’ve had to postpone due to the weather. Never mind, I was looking forward to itbut I’d rather everyone was safe.

Sarah x

It’s all still out there. I hope it doesn’t hang around and everyone gets back to normal soon! Your two stories remind me of something. Our house backs onto the woods where there are deer running wild. I live in a cul-de-sac too and there are allotments at the end of the road. Sometimes a deer will come out of the woods via the allotment which has an 8 foot fence separating it from the road outside our house. The deer then feels trapped and I have seen several of them, jump right over the fence and run down the road, only to find another opening nearby back into the woods! The first time I saw this I couldn’t believe my eyes. They are beautiful animals! Teresa xx

Lovely stories!

Here’s another…

I recently bought a bird feeder that has suction pads that stick on my window (2nd floor flat) and there’s a crab apple tree right outside which small birds often go on to peck at the crab apples.

Anyway no bird used my feeder for ages and I was almost giving up hope… until yesterday when I suppose the snow made the risk worth it, a tiny little Great Tit was flitting back and forward, taking a seed and flying off. He’s back today (or maybe different bird… word has got round!).

Very pleased!

Pat x

The snow from Friday is still here and today has started again

here in the Cotswolds, so we could be inside for a while yet, and

spoke to my sis in Oz and it is 45 degrees and bush fires!

Hubby put food out for the little birds, it was lovely watching them

through the window, I bet they were so grateful.

Stay warm and safe everyone.

Pam x

Luckily, our snow is fast disappearing. Can’t wait for milder temperatures! Stay snug and warm all, Teresa xx