Oh how I wish we had a spare bedroom. I’d sleep undisturbed in it. Bliss! X

Why Flowerpot…don’t you snore in spare bedrooms


My husband snores too…I kick him and tell him to turn on his side…it works for me

I put my husband in the spare room, could still hear him but unable to reach to nudge him! He went to a sleep clinic in Oxford years ago. When he went back for the results the consultant told him “your wife has our every sympathy” I do love him still though :wink: Sue

I’m the snorer in our house Hubby gets quite peeved with me sometimes. Mind you his snoring has been known to raise the roof on occassion!

Mine is especially bad this time of year as i’m snuffly from hayfever. No idea how to stop it though.


My snubby uses Snoreez from Boots. It is a mint flavoured small patch that you put on the roof of your mouth before bed. It disappears in about 5 minutes and he doesn’t snore all night then. If he runs out and sleeps without it is a right racket!!!


I don’t snore at all - I stayed awake one night just to see!!!

I do grind my teeth though. I dreamt one night I was crunching an ice-cube and woke up to find myself grinding away.

JBK xx

You have my sympathy Flowerpot!

My husbands snoring drives me insane!

I have no spare room either so sometimes i even go downstairs and sleep on the sofa!

I can’t send him to sleep on the sofa because our bedroom is above the living room and his snoring vibrates up through the ceiling!


Hahaha!!! Brilliant!

My husband isn’t to bad for snoring, only when he has had too much to drink but my dad is coming to visit next month and he is horrendous!! Must get myself along to boots and leave it on the bed side table as a ‘suggestion’ for him!!! My kids and my niece and nephew call him Grandad snorie!!!

Snoring is my biggest nightmare. So much so that I have tried every ear plug going with no success. Then in a moment of dispair I tried Bluetac ( don’t laugh) and I can honestly say, it is better than anything else I have tried. I have used it for years now and It completely blocks out any noise. Try it, you may be surprised. :-)) As a p.s, I mentioned it to my GP, he laughed but said as it was non toxic it wouldn’t cause me any harm at all. X


may i offer a different view to this discussion…

the snoring is annoying cos its an irritation! change how u view (hear!) it and see if it makes a difference. i viewed it as phew hes still breathing so saw it as reassuring. it took several times of practising this but now snoring doesnt bother me!

its not easy but its not impossible either-just requires opening ur mind and closing ur ears!


Thank you everybody! I confess I snore too, if it disturbs my husband, which isn’t often because he could probably sleep through an earthquake, he wakes me up, then I lie awake listening to him. I do love him though. I use ear plugs, but am not sure about trying blu tack! I’ve tried the “this is good, he is breathing” and given that he’s had pneumonia and a heart attack, it is good to know he’s breathing, but I just can’t sleep through it. Maybe I’m just one of life’s insomniacs. I think we’ll give the snoreeze a go though.

Def give it a go. It is the only thing that helps my hubby. Gives him a nice minty breath too. Lol!


My husband usually is able to adjust his sleeping position when he knows he is snoring, which definitely helps. but he never knows when he is sleeping unless i hit him when he sleeps! i bought him this product and it helped him immensely. i would definitely recommend it!

this post is from 2014 about snoring.