Night owls

  • Does sleep come easy?when I’m having any flair up I am apt to be awake until the wee hours…trouble is after an hour or so my bum is numb if as im doing just now(typing) then if I my on my side my hip.leg,and shoulder can go into a spasm.can anyone suggest any advice.I have memory foam bed(to myself)and 5great pillows.nothing helps.

I think you’ll find company here!

I took a sleeping tab at 10.30. Hubby went to bed about midnight and I;m still here, wide awake as if I;m on steroids! I’m being very helpful writing replies to member on the Tripadvisor forum!

Mug of Ovaltine/Horlicks? Magnesium spray is great for numbness and twitches. I’m gonna be knackered tomorrow. :frowning:

4AM and I’m gonna try get some sleep now. ZZzzzz

PS, 'cause 've been like it for about 10 days now, gp gave me some sleepers. I took one at 10.30pm. They really work don;t they?! :slight_smile:

Going to try now…

i am eight or nine time zones away, so you will usually find me trying to contribute something meritorious in here during your night time hours

but when it is time for bed, i am usually out like a light (dog and bladder permitting) due to a daily exercise regime of as much rigour as i can handle (followed by the requisite red wine / oat soda rehydration protocol of course)

nighty night!

Hi Rosie

Sorry to hear u are having problems with sleeping. When I just had tinnitus, flashing lights when I shut my eyes, and some occasional muscle spasms, I found that hypnotherapy worked like magic. The therapist recorded the sessions so that I could play it in bed and, despite, the sound and light show in my head, I fell to sleep almost straight away. Since other symptoms have joined the show, and Ive learnt its MS, normal sleep is now a distant dream. But hypnotherapy I think can be the best solution to sleep problems and no side effects. Though I did wake up and think that I was a chicken for a while!

Best wishes

Hehehe Paolo.

I was never a red wine lover, white being my preference. However, Captain Morgan and I could certainly have a meaningful relationship!

My brother is in Oshawa so I’m familiar with the time variation.

Hmmm, now I’m wondering if this thread could be a regular “Sticky” and added to as and when…?

Thanks all of you,I had a feeling that I am not the only one.well I did eventually fall over @5am only to rudely awakened by the bin man at6.15am.Great! I could have hit him on the head with the bin.I was just dreaming about diving at said funny thing is I had actually been lying with my head out the bed nearly on the floor. Best laugh is I cannot actually dive.

Hi Rosie, your not alone, I seldom fall asleep before 3-4 am. Excuse the pun but it’s a nightmare , but I have to go with it, I have tried everything, sometimes they work and when I think I have found one, I go back to not sleeping. Luckily I don’t have to go to work in the morning so no stress about being tired the next day. My G.P. has giving me sleeping tablets (he says enough to knock out a elephant) but again sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. So I don’t really have much advice for you but just to share your not alone. Not much help sorry.