Heavy breathing

Hey all, This may be a very strange question but has anyone ever experienced a change in their night breathing whilst waiting for dx??? Me and my girlfriend have been talking as she struggles to sleep as my breathing is really loud (not snoring though!!!). We realised that I didn’t do this before and it was ever since April time which was when I started struggling with all of the symptoms! Also anyone know of any decent remedies to help me help her sleep?!? Writing this from the sofa after being thrown out of bed!! :-s


I have alsorts happening at night. the only thing that has made a differance is memory foam for me, I found the thickest one I could find. It helps with any pain, I am able to stay in one postion, which is my side. My hubby as not complained of any heavy breathing, but then he snores loudly anyway.

When that does not work, I roam around downstairs and sit with my dogs with a brew. There is no easy solution for all the things that decide to keep us awake at night. When I do actually manage to have a nights sleep I appreciate it.

sorry no solutions, but you are not on your own.

You could try letting her go to bed first now and again so she can get to sleep. I sleep quite restlessly due to joint pain, so we now have single quilts on the bed…my husband says its much better…no more fighting for the quilt in the dead of night

Thanks for the replies folks. Currently writing this reply at 2am from the sofa!! Blossom I’ve tried that and I’ve even tried the anti snore meditation route (obviously very effective as I used it tonight!!). It’s half an hour long so she’s usually asleep by the time I finish, but then wakes up and can’t get back to sleep because of it. I really feel for her but I’m losing sleep hand over fist because I can’t get settled :-s Call to the docs methinks to see if they can help

i wear ear plugs as hubby really snores and take night calms sometimes too. these work and may do for your partner.

good luck in finding a solution as we all need our sleep

Your probably right about seeing your GP. This is a new symptom so needs checking out. My husband snores sometimes…I usually kick him awake and tell him to turn on his side…works for me Seriously though, I hope things get sorted, good luck x

medion, that’s one of the remedies we’ve tried, but she ended up getting a severe ear infection through wearing them every night so we’ve shelved that one!!. back to the drawing board :-s