Snacks with little or no saturated fat anyone?

Hi folks

I’ve been on the Jelinek diet (again) for several months now and although it’s not slowing progression (yet) I do feel good for not eating the saturated fats.

The problem I am having is trying to find snacks that have little or no fat. I did find meringes (but obviously don’t want to eat too many as they contain so much sugar). I have also been eating nuts but they do contain a certain amount of saturated fat. Then there is the peeled carrot in the fridge but Im already eating a lot of fruit and veg. I suffer with ‘the hug’ badly these days so try not to eat large meals as I’ve noticed this does make hug worse.

I’d just like to know if anyone has found something to nibble in between meals that contains little or no fat please.

Wendy x

I am currently on a low-fat diet, and eat a lot of low-fat cottage cheese. I prefer the variety with added bits of pineapple, and will have a small helping of this with a raw carrot/cucumber/tomato, or maybe just on low-fat crackers (Rakusens less than 1% crackers).

I also eat a lot of fat free yoghurt, and will sometimes cut an apple into slices and dip them in a small helping of the yoghurt. I also cut a banana up and cover it in the yoghurt, and add a handful of nuts or maybe some melon or pineapple.

It’s very hard, isn’t it? I do have some rice cakes in the cupboard, but the plain ones leave a lot to be desired! I do have some caramel and cheese flavoured ones that are quite tasty and still pretty low in fat.

You can also get Marmite flavoured mini rice cakes in individual bags, so it feels as if you are eating a packet of crisps!

I hope others come up with some suggestions, as it does get boring eating the same things all the time!

Fat fighters on Little Britain - “dust anyone?”

Hi Purpledot

Thank you so much you’ve given me some ideas, I quite like rice cakes, will see what saturated fat content they contain. I do like marmite so will see if I can get some marmite flavoured ones and also like the idea of the crakers.

cheers for that Wendy x

Hi Wendy

I am on a low fat diet. Less than 5mgs of fat per 100gms.

Whenever I fancy a snack cuppasoups are good. They are really low in fat but you still get the tasty treat. Some Ryvitas are low too but not all so you have to go a bit careful.

I will keep thinking.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Yes Redman it is getting like that lol. Although I am not trying to loose weight (this diet is to prevent progression of MS). I have actually lost nearly a stone in weight (6.35kl to you yougnuns). I can now get in to smart trousers but smart trousers are suddenly too long and try and trip me up! You can’t win.

Wendy x

Thank yo Shazzie

Wendy x

Just thought Wendy. I keep a pyrex box of salad and tuna/ham and if I get peckish I will have a small side dish in between meals or on an evening. That works well too.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie xxx

hi wendy

i can relate to your comment about weight loss and trouser length

unfortunately i have the opposite problem, weight gain and now my trousers are at half mast

carole x

Yes it’s a pain isn’t it carole, I can highly recommend a very low fat diet but as most things have saturated fat, there’s not a lot you can eat! I do have a few things now though thanks to shepherdess and purpledot. Also am allowed olive oil on my food after it is cooked (olive oil becomes saturated when it is used for cooking).

Wendy x

Hi Wendy I’m in a similar position but have found ‘nakd’ bars really good. There’s nothing bad in them - pure fruit and nuts - but less than 1g saturated fat (less with the fruity bars, more with the nutty ones). Tesco sell them and I get mine with my delivery. Simples! Best wishes Jane

Jane, I love those nakd bars too, I started eating those when I went gluten free at the beginning of last year.

When I went GF I also discovered Look What We Found (lwwf) - they do soup/stews/curries etc. They look like they’re aimed at trekkers/campers as they’re fairly long life pouches of food that you just heat up. But they’re very ethical, all the meat is free range and they use the same farmers etc,. and lots of their stuff is Gluten free and quite a lot is also dairy free. The siups are lovely but also they are cracking little meals, I say that as the sachets are smallish portions for meals but that might be good if you’re wanting to count caloried a little? And soup is just the right size.

You’d never guess that they were long life either, I’m still puzzled at why I don’t find their mushrooms vile (as I’m really picky about shrooms) so it’s weird - For me, they’re OK grilled or fried but in a pie/stew they usually make me want to gag. Their Rose veal stoganoff and mushroom soup have been eaten by me on numerous occasions and with no complaints!

They’re worth a look, I’m not 100% gluten free anymore but still buy, it’s one of the few things I know I can do on my own in the kitchen (microwave or warm in a pan), well that and micro chips :wink:

Sonia x

Thanks Jane and Sonia

I am making a note of your suggestions.

Wendy x

I like fruit and nut balls made by just whizzing walnut pieces (or whatever nut you like - almonds are lower in sat fat, I think) and dried apricots and other dried fruit in the food processor, then forming the crunchy paste mixture into balls and keeping them in a box in the fridge. Nicer than bought bars and much cheaper too. They keep well in the fridge for a few days at least - maybe longer, for all I know, but how is one to find out…?


Good luck Wendy, I have previously posted about joining slimming world this week, so will be looking for “dust” ideas…

Stephen x

What a good idea Alison - your fruit and nut balls. Good for anyone with stubborn bowels - especially if you add linseeds. l love these linseeds - l toast and lightly grind them first - they taste like sesame seeds.

Any oil -once heated becomes saturated - l prefer rapeseed oil.

Thanks for your ideas spacejacket, stephen and Allison, I Love the fruit and nut ball idea too. I also have discovered crystalised ginger from H&B, now exactly good if you’re trying to loose weight or worried about diabetes but there is no saturated fat at all, I do have to have extra will power, anyway they are away in my seed and nut tin!

Wendy x

Wendy, l am just thinking of making the fruit and nut balls - now shall l dip them in chocolate? They would be fatballs then.

hi everybody,

does anybody think that a low saturated fat diet helps ms symptoms or is it just weight loss and general health concerns? You hear a lot about ms and diet but is it just another thing that we hope might help?

I also use linseeds - put them in my cereal. They fine - have been told they good for bowels - and I could use help there!