Slightly embarrassing question!

Embarrassing question but does anyone find a worsening in their pins and needles after sex? Last night we had sex and afterwards I had intense pins and needles all over my legs and arms for a good 15 minutes afterwards!


yes i have same thing, i have a tremor and that is the problem i have…my tremor gets a lot worse for about 15-30 mins after. Sommetimes i cant walk and it not because of the sex either lol.

I think its to do with the rise in body temp, it seems to be that for me plus its basically an excersise routine and if you over do it…(sorry for being blunt|) i guess it makes the symptoms worse.

What a pair eh? hahaha


Lol thanks. It’s the first time since this relapse and I was single for the other 2 so it was slightly disconcerting! At least now I know what to expect Lol x

I get a tremor in my leg it’s like an involuntary movement I can’t stop and it scares me.

My legs used to get so bad I couldn’t walk at all after! It would last half an hour or so.

I haven’t had a dx yet but this happens to me (not everytime lol) I get a burning sensation in my leg/s and my leg twitches uncontrollably also has on occasion lasted a good couple of hrs after. Not much of a turn on but i’ll be damed if im giving up sex… lol you have to laugh or you would just spend all the time crying… :wink: x