Hi everyone, hope your all doing ok in this hot weather, just a quick question, I have SPMS and I get numbness, pins and needles in my leg and arm, now for the past 2 weeks I’ve had it all the time, I’ve noticed that when I lay down it gets worse, does this happen to anyone else, take care, ANON x


I’m the same the as you. Horrible when trying to sleep (and in this hot weather). Pins and needles, hip pain when sleeping on my side. Tying to sleep on my back will result in numb arms 30 mins to an hour later.


Hi anon, sorry to read about the pins and needles; it must be very uncomfortable for you. I’ve recently started to get pins and needles in my hands and they seem better when I lie down, I do notice that some symptoms are worse, for instance I’ve started to get electric shocks in my hands, these happen during the day but I notice them much more when I lie down. It seems to me that when I’m relaxed these kind of spasms seem to be worse, it could be the same for your pins and needles. I’ve had buring legs and feet for many years which disapear as soon as I am prostrate.

Wendy x

thank you for your reply, so I’m not on my own and yes this heat really doesn’t help. x

Hi Corkie, thanks for that, now I’m like you with the burning legs and feet, I too have had it for sometime, mine get worse when I lay down, if it didn’t hyrt so much some of these things would be funny. X X

I get the same thing, mainly in my feet. I have a feeling that the problem stems from a problem with my neck because it happens when I sit in a certain way and when I lie down (trying!) to sleep. I do get some similar symptoms in my hands, but it’s not as bad but still gets me down :frowning:

I don’t know how to deal with it! Any advice would be great!

Hi and thanks for your reply, it’s interseting that you mention yor neck, because sometimes I think that’s where mine is coming from, but I get massages varly regular and she says although the neck is tight theres nothing trapped, maybe it’s something we just have to put up with, x