Sleeping Outside

Terry has just woke from a sleep outside at 2:00 AM.

The outdoor bed I constructed has proved to be bliss in this heat.

I woke & hosed my legs down, with the hose right next to me. The fact the beds mattress is a water proof crash mat, gives me ideas if the heat ever gets too much. The overhead fairy lights on my gazebo awning, are like stars in the night & not an insect in sight, because of all the garlic & onion spray I’m using. It’s my PPMS retreat.

Soon as some climbing plants have established, it will be awesome. And when all the flower bulbs have bloomed, I’ll be entering the Chelsea Flower Show.

With my outdoor graffiti workshop, log burner & a 2 metre workbench. I might just start camping. I could get used to this, in this weather. No problems at all. I even did a few videos of my exercise routine & the oasis set-up. It feels a bit bizarre. Like I’m truly awake. I even lay watching Terry Wahls videos on my phone, of how she copes with her SPMS.

Diet, exercise & being in a meditated state. Cool, calm & collected.

My cool fan is kicking off a breeze now, as I doodle in the early hours. Awaiting day break & yet more glorious sun.

Now I’ve got my spot. Nothing else matters.

Take it easy out there folks. Make it happen!

Outdoor Terry.

I’m learning the joys of having a bed outside. Lobster party! I can now blend in with the tanned community.

I’ll be looking like a native in no time, as soon as I dig out my bathing shorts. Sun glasses shopping here I come, but I’m very keen on getting a pond first. The Toads at Toad Hall, will need some moisture, if this heat persists.

Parking my car under the local tree for shade, has made it a magnet for bird poop. They perch above in their home & dump off their waste. It’s better than seeing the local scum bags emptying their cars of rubbish. Mc Donnalds, KFC & Kebabs. It’s no wonder I’m surrounded by vermin.

The adventures of tormented Terry.

It sounds like paradise Terry, I thought about the mozzys but the garlic must have kept them away. I used to love camping i alwaus loved the sound of the rain on the tent at night. Weve not done anu camping for years o reallt miss the things I used to do. Our garden is lovely we have a summer house and Lee lights the fire pit and does fantastic barbecues while I lie on the mattress in the summer house , unfortunately the mozzys love me they always have a chomp. I’ve just turned Vegetarian I’ve only been doing it for a couple of weeks but I feel really pleased , my sister Heather was a big influence she’s been vegy for 6 months. She’s got loads of goid recipes Lee’s been making some fantastic vegy curries. I’m going to have to think about what I can have on the next barbecue any ideas Terry? Take care Michelle and Frazer xx

For a veg BBQ I would go Peppers, Pickles, Pineapple, Mushrooms & make a lush Syrup dressing. Infused with fiery spices. Don’t forget to bring out the Branston & Cheese. A forgotten condiment, that’s very tasty. It will send you crackers.

If I was you Michelle, I’d set up camp in your Garden. Air beds are super comfy.

Garden hose, salesman Terry.

My Oasis, has been dubbed the circus by the local mob.

Perhaps it’s because, common sense is too simple. Strange how the trolls are attracted to my follies. It smells of dog crap around here. I need some scented flowers about, so it seems less like a sewer.

Off to the garden centre I go… Again!

Thanks Terry definately crackers cheese and Branson pickle , it’s not exactly barbeque food but so yummy. I’m experimating with Quorn it’s nice if it’s cooked with fresh herbs you definately need to flavour of well. Michelle and Frazer xx

A few scented candles maybe ?? We have a problem with the farmers putting fertiliser on their crops , it can smell quite horrible. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’ve experimented with becoming a veggy, but crispy Bacon, on oatcakes cheese & tomato, brings me to my senses. Not to forget my 2" deep steak & mushroom, with white wine sauce. Have fun & enjoy the tastes of good food.

A lot of my cooking these days, is based on old wives tales. Beetroot is a super food. I get carried away sometimes.

If I keep eating, it will take two people to carry me. Food, food, food.

I drive past some farms these days & I want to vomit. Rotten as hell, some places. Jacket spuds are always a save. If there’s spuds about, I’m sorted. I steam them for 30 minuets, before baking & they make anything tasty. Especially with a tin of Marrowfat peas, Cheese & proper butter. GRRR I’m getting hungry now.

That sounds nice…It’s just simple food I have so little energy and sometimes it’s easier to get ready meals. I’ve been interested in vegetarian food for a while . It always made me sad thinking of the way they treat animals . In China Frazer would be on the menu! He doesn’t like the sound of that. I love salads and this year I’ve managed to grow herbs and cucumber. There are already 2 big cucumbers on my plants . If you’ve any more ideas let me know Terry . Michelle and Frazer xx

Go on you two, make me hungry.

Michelle, the farms around you can really dominate with their scented contributions to the general miasma. I often do vegan meals. I love the challenge.

Terry, you little devil. I think if you have a pond it might attract the wrong sort of pond life. It’s funny how some people stop and stare. We’re not different, we’re not unique; we’re just individual. Oh hang on, that is different and unique. I used to say that people with personalised number plates are desperately trying to buy a personality.

All you have to do is open your eyes and look around. Looking and staring are two entirely different activities. Let’s hope the mozzies avoiding you go into the open mouths of the starers.

Keep rocking.

You hit the nail on the head Steve. Personalised number plates to hide the age of their cars. Which shows me who the fakes are. Spending all their ill gotten funds on keeping up the facade. They’ll have something to gorp at when my stencil production is launched.

Cooking good food, is the way to health & happiness. Enjoy the new digs Steve.

I`ve got my eye on a number plate.

Why not, might as well treat myself.

I lost everything else.

See the source image

Lovely to see you on here again Scudger, how are you doing ? I often think about you I hope things are calming down for you. Fantastic picture but a bit scary. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Still have my moments but overall things are getting easier I think. Pandora the Cat is missing Dee as well.

(Green eyed monster)

Poor Pandora , but what a fantastic name for a cat ! I loved the pictures that you showed us of Dee, she was so beautiful and I bet you miss her so much . Hold onto your memories Scudger, they are so precious. I believe one day we will meet our loved ones again. Take care Love Michelle and Frazer xx

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SG66 GEM Scudger 666 Green Eyed Monster

My brother has a personalised plate. It makes me laugh. Especially when he whines about being skint.

I’m yawning under my awning.