Sleepiness nights because of pain:(

I am seriously loosing the will here!!! I haven’t been diagnosed yet by the way, awaiting my first neurology appointment at the moment. I won’t go in to my whole story, in short for years I’ve had terrible left hip and lower back and next/shoulder pain and suffered from headaches and migraines, also suffered with urine infections and symptoms similar to IBS. Over the past 12 months I have had three episodes of feeling excessively drunk and ‘hungover’ and exhausted, which have lasted for approx 2/3 days and most recently another much more severe episode which rendered me totally incapacitated for 4 days due to the vertigo like symptoms and then I remained very exhausted for a further week approx. the dizziness has never fully left me and some days are much worse than others. Sometimes I feel as though the floor is moving, shaking, made of marshmallow etc, weird! A few days before Christmas I woke to find my right arm felt very cold and numb and pins and I had needles, as though I’d just slept funny on it. I didn’t pay it much attention and thought it would go in a matter of hours. Within three days a pain had developed that became so intense and overwhelming I ended up in A&E after a trip to the doctors for stronger painkillers didn’t do anything for the pain. I was given morphine and tramadol but neither touched the pain. It was seriously the worse thing I have felt and I have had three children! Anyway the doctors surmised it was neurological after X-rays were clear and gave me Gabaprentin and Amitryptaline, which eventually after about 24 hours started to kick in. At the moment the severe pain has gone but it’s left me with a weak arm that just kind of has a dull ache and if I lift too high or try to move in a funny position hurts like hell. At night though I can’t sleep on that side. My problem is that I can’t sleep on my left side because the pain I’ve had for years deep in my hip wakes me up after about 10 mins, I can’t sleep on my back because at the moment I feel like the muscles between my shoulder blades have gone in to spasm or I’ve trapped a nerve or something and I can’t sleep on my right side because of my stupid arm!! I’m absolutely worn out and even taking the Amitryptaline doesn’t seem to help… Could I do anything else, am I taking the at the wrong time or something?? Last night was a nightmare, I must have got up six times for a pee, I felt so hot all night and the pain was ridiculous:( Any help or advice would be so welcome.

Forgot to mention the feeling that someone was stabbing me with a flipping pin all night in my cheek/jaw!!! That was driving me potty!!!


I’ve just read your post and feel like crying… You could be describing me!! I’ve been put on steroids - prednislone I think it’s called and that’s worked wonders, for the last three months I’ve been off work feeling very poorly, tired, dizzy, headache and had about 6 migraines with numbness, then my GP put me on the steroid and it seems to have got rid of it all… Granted it comes back when I stop taking them, but for the time being it means I can stay awake for a whole day and sleep a bit at night.

I don’t have any answers, but Im in the same boat, you’re not alone xx

Hi dotty I’m so sorry you’re experiencin this too:( it’s absolutely dreadful isn’t it!! I can’t describe to people how exhausted I feel, my husband had been out to work all day today, he’s a builder so has such a physical job…I’ve just been out with the kids and dome a bit of shopping but by 4pm I felt like I’d been hit by a truck and it was all I could do to make their tea and then just collapse! I’m dreading going to bed though for fear of tossing around in pain again all night! I’m even considering taking two of the stronger Co-Codamol to see if they’ll knock me out but don’t like the idea of resorting to that kind of thing…I mean I’ve watched Emerson and just look at Rhonda hahaha :slight_smile: I really hope this improve for you Dotty, have you had a diagnosis xx

I know, I tell people I’m tired or have headache and they usually tell me they’re tired too, or they’ve had a hard day at work… I feel like screaming!! No I haven’t had a diagnosis, I had a scan a few weeks ago and it came back with three lesions on it which my GP says is MS but the neurologist says he needs more than one scan to diagnose it. Ive taken a double dose of codeine before to help me sleep and also found that a glass of baileys does the trick!lol but makes me feel crap again the next day. I don’t sleep through the night, I haven’t for years so I’m used to it, but at the minute I seem to be even worse and when I am asleep I’m having nightmares about dying. I don’t want to accept that this is my life now, I’m clinging onto the fact that it could be something simple that just needs a tablet a day to make it go away xx

I really hope it is for you! I’ve never rrally drank a lot as always have really bad hangovers even after a few compared to my friends and I don’t get out much with having 5 boys but recently I’ve found that even after a glass of wine I feel really hungover and dizzy the next day so have jut given up all together. Just had my first totally drink free Christmas and New Year:) xx

I wonder if that’s a symptom, I’ve started getting really drunk really fast and a few months ago I went out a couple of times and both times got really drunk, my legs wouldn’t work, slurring my words, falling over and wouldn’t stop crying. At the time I thought it was completely out of character and suspected I’d been spiked but then it happened again. Then last month when I was really poorly my partner reminded me of being drunk and said that it was exactly the same as my illness. Yet another unanswered question!!

I never thought to connect the water infections, IBS type symptoms and the migraines together until I looked at this website, My head is a complete shed at the minute xx

And just a thought… I get myself to sleep at night listening to Paul McKenna. I laughed at my uncle when he suggested it and didn’t think it would work but surprisingly it does. Sometimes it doesn’t but most of the time it makes me either fall asleep or really relaxed. Some nights I listen to it about 3/4 times and others I don’t need to at all. It’s worth a try xx

I would never had connected those symptoms either, cysitus, IBS, Migraines I’ve suffered from for years and years. For years I’ve also had this sensation like I’m sat on a heated car seat or someone has secretly just pushed a hot water bottle under my leg, then a few weeks ago I was sat watching TV with my hubby and I suddenly thought I’d wet myself! Literally like a warm gush type sensation that made me stand up and have to check myself!! I hadn’t by the way lol:) Really freeky! So many things that I’ve never been to the doctors about because you just don’t do you, and then you read all these people on here who experience them…it really makes you sit up and think! I’ve had floaters in my eyes for years, some are just dots and some are like thicker strings, never mentioned that to my doctor or opticians but so many have them??xx

Glad you cleared that up… Don’t want people thinking you actually had wet yourself!!lol

Im starting to wonder if it’s connected to a shoulder problem I’ve had years, my shoulder blade aches like I’ve pulled it all the time… If I do a long drive, hold hands with a child or write a lot it cripples me. And my eyes, I get like wiggles, like when you look at the top of a radiator and can see the heat coming from it, well I get that randomly and things seem to move… Like I’ll be staring at something and it seems to pulse and goes fuzzy round the edges. And I’m always ill, always got a cold, sore throat or tired and feel like I’m coming down with something.

honestly would try the Paul McKenna thing though, I definitely don’t need it to get to sleep tonight, I’m shattered! Might need it in a few hours when I wake up though xx

Hi, Daisy, how awful, i hope you get some help, I identify with the drunk hung over feeling, and i don’t drink for that reason because I already feel drunk! My balance has been bad for a few years and I would often feel hung over and had a swagger when i walked, this would happen every few months, I’m still undiagnosed and now I’m a wheelchair user, the balance and lack of coordination , and jelly legs have finally claimed my mobility. Its not all bad though , I’ve just received an assistance dog, he’s a golden retriever called Frazer, he’s gorgeous and has made such a big difference to me, he’s trained to walk a long my wheelchair and now i’m getting out again.

Michelle x

Hi Daisy - sorry to hear you’re having a bad time; what dose of Gabapentin / Amitriptyline are you on? It may be that you need to increase one or the other, I had similar problems with pain keeping me awake - upped the Amitriptyline and I’m back to near normal sleep pattern with no pain issues. Worth checking with your GP.

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