First Neurology Appointment


I have had my first Neurology appointment a week last Monday and was told that he wanted me to have an MRI…firstly to rule out MS but also other causes of nerological problems. He also mentioned that it could be something called Fibromyalgia. I didn’t know anything about Fibromyalgia so have been reading up on it over the last few days. I honestly don’t see how it can be that as most people seem to be in agony every day with it. As in really sharp and constant severe pain, not even being able to stand jewellery on their skin etc. Where as my pain is more general…if that makes sense? I have, for years, had a dull ache in my left hip that prevents me from sleeping on that side but generally during the day it doesn’t really bother me that much. I always have a bad back, both lower and around the middle of my shoulder blades…but again some days, in fact most days its ok…its when I try to do too much, lift anything, stand for too long, lie down and go to sleep that the problems start. I can’t get comfortable and then if I do get to sleep usually the pain wakes me up…its like a tight band/belt around my hips and lower back. I had the episode of sever pain in my right arm that hospitalized me over Christmas but that eventually wore off after a week on Amytryptaline and Gabapetin. Every couple of months or so I have episodes of what my doctor has always called ‘muscle spasms’ in my back, around the middle of my shoulder blades and neck…they leave me totally incapacitated for a few days and in agony but its not something that is continual every day? I do suffer from pins and needles and numbness but not every day and I do get ‘hot spots’ on my legs and bum cheeks (sorry tmi) but again not every day??

Anyway, I’ve been to the doctors this morning, after receiving a letter saying that the Neurologist wanted me to see the doctor to discuss my recent appointment. It seems that my Neurologist has recommended that I take Amytryptaline every day from now on, until I can have my MRI scan…what exactly will Amytryptaline do for me? My doctor was very vague when I was asking her…she said it would hep me sleep and may help me to stop feeling so dizzy and confused but she didn’t really help much. I honestly feel like I’m no further forward at all, Just slightly more confused now than normal !! Can anyone shed any light on this Fibromyalgia thing??

Have suffered seizure for 15 years, along with excruciating pain caused by a slipped disc at the base of my spine, un-operable due to it closeness to my nervous system.

I have had 2 scans of my brain for epilepsy, which resulted as negative.

I suffer all the symptoms of MS and are getting refereed to a Neurologist, but my only doubt is that when I had the scans about 6 years ago, wouldn’t the Neurologist have seen MS present? If you want to check out my other symptoms can you give me an address I can send the 2 emails I’ve written them on?

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you!


hi daisy

amytriptyline is a neuropathic painkiller and also an anti depressant.

it does make you drowsy.

baclofen is good for spasms and your gp should be able to prescribe it for you.

good luck with your MRI

carole x

suzy j

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