Had a weird night...

I often fall asleep with my light on as I don’t recognise when I’m about to fall asleep; this is the norm. The person I live with often comes and turns it off when she gets up if she goes to the loo. However last night I woke up when she turned my light off, so I was shocked at first but then I seemed to lose all sense of space, I was wide awake at this point, I didn’t know whether I was sitting or standing even though logically I must have been lying down or sitting up. I reached out but couldn’t tell where my hands were. It was terrifying and very confusing, I don’t even know how long that went on for. I have a night light but couldn’t see it when I assume I was looking around my room. But I might have just been staring at the ceiling. I woke up this morning and all was okay apart from a very distinct numb patch on my right arm, headache and feeling so exhausted. What I don’t understand is most of my symptoms are on my left side so to get it on my right is odd. I don’t know what this was, anyone else experienced it? Or have any idea what it could be? Would it be worth making note of and if it happens again for my neuro appointment? It was scary and I’ve woken up and still feel very confused… I’ve never felt anything like it, it’s completely different level to what I’ve experienced before. I just need some insight I think, I don’t know what’s going on… :(, any help, I’d appreciate anything!

Hi Anon

I’m sorry to hear about your worrying episode. I am afraid I have not experienced anything similar, but bumping you up in the hope someone can help

PG xx