not sleeping very well, any tips to share


I keep waking up with strange feelings on my skin at night. Just like spiders and sometimes small stabbing feelings. Was even thinking we had a ghost in the room with us ha ha.

Its now not feeling so funny as constantly waking me up. My hearing is playing tricks on me too becuase of the tinnitus.

can anybody share any best meds?



Sorry Medion, can’t really help but just wanted to say I am having really similar problems so can totally sympathise. Am not dx (awaiting Neuro appt next week) but have exactly the same weird feelings on my skin, and the stabbing feelings, and these get so much worse at night. I have had about 5 hours sleep in 2 nights and am seriously flagging now!

I hope someone can recommend something that helps you.

sorry to hear you are getting the same thing, I am also not dx. I am thinking of going to the doctors, so I will share what he says with you


Hi guys. It might seem really sad but I struggled to sleep until I downloaded a meditation app on my iPhone. (Originally to try and stop me snoring!!) but it had the amazing effect that sometimes (not always) my sleep improved and I got nearly full nights sleep :slight_smile: Maybe worth a try? Mick