Don't feel well

I can’t go to sleep,… for the last few days my tinntus has been getting worse it has spread to both ears and I feel a terrible pressure in my head like they need to pop. I feel quite ill with it and a bit panicky , I’m trying to stay calm. Is any of this part of ms ? I’m due to have another mri soon, not sure if I’ll get any answers . I’m used to being undiagnosed but it would help to have a name Please does anyone else have this ? Does anyone experience panic attacks. I’ve been great for a few years but so scared that the panic attacks are starting again. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle, Sorry you’re not feeling well. You are always so up beat and positive. I have tinnititus in one ear and thats bad enough, i cant imagine having it in both ears. Ive learnt that its caused by the inner tube dysfunction making the pressure in the tube blicked. Have you tried pinching your nose tight, keeping your mouth shut and blowing so that air is being foirced into the inner ear tube to try and pop them. I have never had panic attacks so cant help there. Hang on in there Michelle and go and get a hug from your lovely Frazer. Love. Jane x x

Thanks Jane , I hardly slept last night, I did try to clear it myself but I think it made it worse. I’d googled and tried it before you said, but I’m scared to keep repeating it in case it gets worse still . I was so panicky at one stage I thought of going to the out of hours gp but it’s not so easy to get there. I no longer drive and our daughter has autistim so not so simple . If I’d doesn’t clear up I’ll go on Monday. I don’t think I could survive on so little sleep . I keep yawning and drinking water both recommended. I’m out with Frazer later so maybe being in the fresh air will clear it . It’s such a funny sensation like being under water. I’d probably cope if it was just one ear but both is scary. It seem to affect my breathing too , but that’s probably panic. I feel like Jones " don’t panic Mr Mannering don’t panic ! " Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle,

i appreciate that it’s hard to get out to the GP. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything to help.

maybe a nice time out in the fresh air with Frazer will make you feel relaxed.

thinking of you. Jane. Xx


I am sorry to read about your difficulties.

I am a strong believer in the beneficial properties of CBD products, in particular for improved sense of wellbeing, reduction of anxiety and better sleep patterns. It may help and it certainly will not do any harm.

However, I do hope you find some way to deal with your problems.

Best wishes,


Thanks Alun, I’m out with Molly now she wanted to meet her friend in Costa. I’m just sat with a coconut flat white Frazer is under the table. I’m a bit better but my ears aren’t right you’d think I’d been flying . The panic is worse at night . The CBD what is that? ive had Cbt the therapy to think positive thoughts. It helped a lot . The panic attacks get better but are always in the background especially if I’m stressed or unwell. Michelle and Frazer xx


CBD (cannabidiol) is an extract from the cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis contains two main elements. THC is the psychoactive element, which makes you high, and the other main part is CBD.

CBD can be used for other conditions such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy. In my case it has helped with neuropathic pain to the point that I no longer take any prescription painkillers. It has helped improve my bladder control and I am able to sleep more soundly with reduced visits to the toilet. My general sense of wellbeing is improved and I feel a lot more tranquil than before.

It is available in various forms, including chocolate, but mainly as oil or paste. I buy mine from CBD Brothers; they will provide a sample, so I understand, for you to try, should you be interested.

I take some three times a day and have been doing so for over a year now. I will gladly offer you some advice over dosage and administration.

Stress is a terrible thing and I am glad you gained some benefit from CBT.

Do enjoy your coffee; is it made with coconut milk? Coconut milk is lovely on muesli.

Best wishes


I had a slightly better night , I bought some Calms and took one last night it just helped to take the edge of the anxiety . I’m worried because I’ve got an mri coming up and have been mentally preparing myself, I get so scared. It’s hard to explain it a real overwhelming fear. The bad bout of tinnitus and pressure in my ears has come at a bad time because I’m more anxious now . The tinnitus is so loud but it’s the pressure in my head also that makes me feel like I’m going mad . Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Alun , I must be behind with knowing things. This CBD oil it’s allowed now ?. I always thought when people spoke about canibis it was illegal . I’m sorry I’m not up to date with meds and supliments. I try to get by on a good life style and positive thoughts . The mindfulness and CBT stuff helps me . Yesterday I really wanted to stay in bed I’d felt so anxious. But I’ve learned that I have to push myself out of it . Going out yesterday and doing the voluntary work on the literature cart helped a lot. My friend Ann is on it too , she lost her daughter a couple of years ago to motor neurone disease, she was only early 50s. Helping others and keeping busy with my children and grandchildren helps me. But this fear thing is harder to resolve. Panic attacks are the worst thing for me about this illness. I cope for so long and then every so often get flattened by them. I’ll look into this cbd oil. Not having a diagnosis of ms has left me without much support, even on here I feel as if I’m gate crashing at times , it’s a lonely road . Hopefully the mri will give me some answers , if not I’ll just have to live without having a diagnosis. I don’t think I could put myself through this again. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’m glad your night was slightly better Michelle, if there’s one thing I hate it’s lying awake for hours, I’m having chemo again which involves taking steroids to stop the sickness but they keep me awake! I think I’d actually prefer being sick!!

I should try the cbd oil or paste, it’s not illegal and I know there are many advantages.

I hope today is better for you,

Love Nina x

Thanks Nina , poor you here’s me complaining . It sounds like you are having a tough time, I hope it goes okay for you. We have a herbalist shop in Frodsham the guy running it is lovely, I’m going to ask him about it this week. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle.

I’m sorry to hear about the tinnitus and the panic.

I can have issues with panic and anxiety.

It’s deffo time to find ways to relax.

Steve x woof

Hi Michelle

Sorry to hear this, tinnitus is a bummer, but panic attacks are awful. Do you do mindfulness, I try that but am not very good at it, but if you can try .to slow your breathing down it will definitely help. Some say breath in and out of a paper bag, not sure if that helps, but might be worth a try.

I expect deep down being worried about your upcoming mri has been playing on your mind and making things worse. Might be worth seeing if your gp can give you some advice.


Pam x

sorry you are having a hard time of it Michelle, I would try some CBD oil or paste,its legal because its had the stuff taken out that gives you the ‘high’ but you need to get the right one, some I have heard that are not good is some from Holland and Barrats,have a word with your local herbalist I’m sure they would help.I am thinking of getting some myself its supposed to help anxiety and I have anxiety such a lot these days.I think there a few on here that take it maybe they could tell you best place to buy it.Hope you feel better soon I find doing meditation helps me I found a deep relaxation on youtube by a Dr Martin Rossman his voice is so soothing and he knows his stuff, when I have really bad anxiety I listen to him and it calms me right down.

J x

Thanks Jackie, I’ll try the herbalist in the village. I hope that you are okay it’s awful trying to deal with anxiety . Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Pam , I went on a mindfulness course a couple of years ago . Michelle and Frazer xx

Sorry to hear that you are suffering too Steve . It’s probably the worst thing about this disability, I think my wobbly legs are nothing compared with the anxiety and panic attacks. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

I’m so sorry that you’ve been quite unwell with Tinnitus I don’t know much about this so I can’t make any suggestions or offer much help. All I can say is to try some of the other suggestions that people have offered already.

I too suffer from Panic/Anxiety attacks and I know just how you feel. I’m seeing the Neurophsycologist on Wednesday and I’m hoping he can help me. I will let you know if he comes up with any suggestions other than what other members have come up with so far.

Sending you some hugs in the meantime :slight_smile:

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes xx

Michelle, I use CBD purple paste 16% from a firm of CBD siblings (sorry moderators!). They’re quite quick getting it posted. I find it really helps. Check them online. So hope things look up for you quickly. Tippy x (& hugs for Frazer too)