What the hell

Have had a bad time lately. Went to the drs a couple of weeks ago and explained about feeling down and more tired than normal. I have an under active thyroid so got it checked out and it turns out that its wonky again. Up went medication. Now I know these things take a while to kick in but I have just had a massive meltdown today.

I have had stomach problems all week, had my DLA to PIP interview yesterday and spent all morning trying to sort out a problem that has been an on going issue for my eldest daughter for the past three years. On top of that I have cancelled a visit to the theatre because I just can’t face the hassle it would involve.

The point is am I losing the plot or just under stress?

Mags xx

Simply having to deal with one thing gets me down and feeling stressed, so your PIP, your health and your daughters problem will be sending your stress levels through the roof. I’m sorry you and to cancel going to the Theatre as that may well have relaxed you a little.

Take deep breaths and pat yourself on the back for dealing with all of these issues, your GP is now aware you are not tip top, you have dealt with the assessment and you have helped your daughter, well done you

Jan x

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Mags it sounds ‘normal for MS’ to me.

Any little problem sends me haywire… and quite often into tears.

MS and stress just do not mix at all. Hopefully remembering that will help a bit… oh and benefits!!! IF there’s one thing that will send me into meltdown it’s anything to do with benefits.

I play the lottery once a week for one simple reason. If I won enough I would LOVE to come off ALL benefits!!!

Hope you feel better soon. REST, REST, REST!

Pat xx


I wholeheartedly agree wth Pat, I keep tripping myself up (sometimes quite literally), just try to take a break

Sonia x



Its plain old stress and ms and stress dont mix,try to rest and try relax best you can, im going thru similar stress.

J x


I would say stress caused your meltdown ((((hugs))))) and try to rest as much as you can.

Pam x

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I had a meltdown worrying about going on that cruise Heather got it big time it was the stress this blooming MS has a lot to answer for. Just calm down and rest the benefits people can wait in fact phone them up and ask for it to be done for you I think they can do it over the phone.



Sorry you’re having a rotten time mags, hope you can rest and get back on track. Like the others, any type of stress sends me spiraling into meltdown and causes so many of my symptoms to to go off the scale! The only answer is rest rest rest!

take care,

Nina x


I’m so sorry that you are having a hard time, DLA interview would stress anyone out, I was so thankful that I had a lovely lady do mine, but forms in general really make me ill, iv’e told Lee for along time that I can’t cope with them anymore.

Its hard when you have to support family members in crisis as well… they say you don’t ever stop being a mum, I’m constantly worrying about my children my 26 year old daughter rings me every day . most times shes fine but things haven’t been straight forward for her and shes still my little girl , I find the biggest cause of my depression is worrying that I might not be able to help her… but even without a disability we can’t always be super woman and save the world.

Try to take some time out just for you,… The theatre would have been nice but it probably was too much for you,… sometimes you have to know your limitations and even fun things can be too much if your not feeling well.

love Michelle x


You’re not losing the plot Mags, I’m sorry having a hard time just now though and the stress won’t be helping. I have problems with my thyroid. I’ve had overactive hyper mode then under active and have to say, when it’s under I definately felt worse. I’m on thyroxine for life but there are still days I forget to take it and when I go hypo, it can really cause me big problems. You’re fatigue is heightened and seems worse than ‘normal’ fatigue. You need to rest up as much as you can over next few days. Good thing about being hypo, it doesn’t take long before you feel the difference. Aw man, I just want to hug you! You’ll be hopefully feeling less fatigued and back to your normal self soon xx

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Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated. The doc has upped my thyroxine so hopefully will feel better soon.

Mags xx


Hi Mags, you are not losing the plot, definitely stress that is quite a list of issues you are dealing with at the moment. I sometimes find having a meltdown therapeutic, it gets it all out of your system and you feel better afterwards.

it sounds like you need to something nice for yourself, meet a friend for coffee or lunch. Get your hair done etc, sometimes I find doing something like that can give me a huge lift. I think we put so much energy into trying to keep life normal with our Ms for family and work and friends that we neglect ourselves and run ourselves into the ground.

hoping you feel better soon,

ann x